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The good, the bad and the simply stupid

I love the Olympics. I love confident athletes. But you don’t have to act like a jerk. I almost always cheer for the American athlete, but I have to admit that I was cheering against Lochte. Anyone else find his attitude annoying? (That and he is definitely not good at interviews!)

The Good

  • I’m so excited that we have a sled at the gym I’m now working at! It is a great tool to increase your leg strength and speed!
  • I see people spend hours working on just about every part of their body, but their feet and ankles. BUT your feet contain about 25% of the bones in your body…Shouldn’t you be working on strengthening and making them more flexible since if they are weak or immobile they can cause altered movement patterns, muscle imbalances, pain and injury in other parts of your body!?! (Ok this isn’t good, but the exercises in this IR Blog post are!)
  • Why am I not surprised that fit children do better academically?

The Bad

  • Why is there so much drama on the internet about female athletes and their bodies? Why can’t we talk about what they can DO instead of focusing on whether or not their weight makes them beautiful by society’s standards?!? And can I just say….I REALLY LIKE ZOE SMITH’S ATTITUDE!

The Simply Stupid

  • Cameron Diaz is publishing a book about health and fitness!?! What does she know!?! AH!!!!! Does this scare anyone else
  • I’m tempted to add a section called interesting because I don’t know how to react to the articles I’ve included below.
  • Beetroot and Tart Cherry juice can improve performance….Ok….They are all-natural…now I wonder if they really work. AND if they do, would you drink them?
  • I get why we want people to have nutritional certifications if they are providing nutritional advice. At the same time, we allow people to post all sorts of opinions and advice online that they aren’t necessarily certified to give…Do you think this regulation of bloggers providing nutritional advice is only occurring because mainstream society is afraid that if people realize that these Primal diets are better that the whole “low-fat lie” will crumble?

Where were the biceps at the Oscars?

So yesterday Candy and I decided to look at pictures from the red carpet at the Oscars. We weren’t looking at the women’s dresses though – we were looking at their biceps.

We were searching for 10 women with great arms so today I could post “The Top 10 Biceps at the Oscars.”

But we couldn’t find 10 women on the red carpet with Man Bicep worthy arms.

We found only two. Viola Davis and Cameron Diaz were the only two females out there repping Man Biceps.

Nice arms and a nice back, Viola Davis!

Nice sculpted arms!

I must admit….we were severely disappointed.

What the heck ladies!?! I mean did I miss some memo about anorexic, skinny arms being the new red carpet trend?

Are these really the arms you would prefer?

Eat some meat. Lift some weights. Then maybe you’ll be the best dressed on the red carpet.

Top 10 – Famous women who lift?

So this post today WAS going to be about the top 10 hot famous women that lift. But so far…Candy and I haven’t been very successful.

First we tried searching for hot muscled actresses. Most actresses don’t look very muscled (except when the train for a movie like Million Dollar Baby). The only actress I really found who looked halfway decent was Cameron Diaz. Of course she is getting all sorts of criticism for being too muscled. I personally think she looks pretty awesome and gnarly here!

We then decided to try searching for hot muscled singers. We found Madonna…no one else…but Madonna.

Of course, there is much debate about whether or not she is also too muscled. Of course the “too muscled” pictures of both Cameron Diaz and Madonna look more like “too skinny” than “too muscled” to me. But hey…whatever…

Yea I mean she looks pretty freaking anorexic to me...Not muscled.

I finally got so fed up trying to find actresses or singers or famous women in general that I just typed in “women with muscle.” I got bodybuilders and some links to inappropriate sites. No famous women with nice toned, muscled physiques.

I then asked Brian if he knew of any famous women with muscle. The only one he could come up with was Jillian Michaels. Candy and I decided that she didn’t really count since she is a famous fitness TRAINER! But then again at least she has muscle unlike half of the celebrity and famous trainers out there!

Anyway, if you can think of any famous, popular women with muscle (who aren’t involved in the fitness industry like trainers or fitness models), please let me know. We seem to be at a loss here.

As long as it is healthy, it is beautiful…What BS!

I just can’t believe this video. This is exactly what I’m battling against. This video is exactly why women are afraid to do weights! And Cameron Diaz isn’t big. She only has muscle definition because she freaking has no body fat like whatsoever! GRRRRRRRR ABC!! GRRRR!

And what was worse was where I found this video…on Fitcorp’s (a gym in Boston) Facebook page. A gym that posts a video about the fact that some people think women can be too toned!?! Uhm not a good move in my opinion!

I mean I guess they were trying to get people involved in their page…but still! Why even make women more aware of the fact that muscles may not be considered attractive to some people? That only makes trainers jobs harder – it is already hard to convince female clients to lift weights and now they have a video posted by their own company which will convince some women not to lift because they may become “too toned.”

Isn’t part of our job in the fitness industry to make people healthier? Isn’t lifting weights to gain strength, increase metabolism and bone density part of becoming healthier?

At least there was one bright spot in all of this…the poll attached to the video…”Cameron Diaz had recently been criticized​ for being “too buff.” We want to know … what do you think about women being toned & muscular?”

And the response so far….
5 people – “As long as it is healthy, it is beautiful” (Ok not bad but this is the same excuse overweight people use to not change their lifestyle.)
3 people – “Not for me, but nothing wrong with it” (Ok this bothered me especially since one of Fitcorp’s staff said this. Why isn’t it for you?…Probably because you don’t really think it is attractive but hey you are liberal and someone else can do what they want. These people definitely don’t support weight training.)
0 people – “It doesn’t seem natural” (PHEW!)
1 person – “I wish I looked like them” (COME TRAIN WITH ME!!!!)
1 person – “I’m a muscular woman and proud of it” (Uhm this one person was me…)
0 people – “I’m a man who loves muscular women” (Very disappointed that no man said yes. Women won’t fully want to gain muscle until they hear men saying it is beautiful.)
1 person – “Eh…who cares…leave them alone” (WHAT THE HECK DOES THIS EVEN MEAN!?!)

Ok so some bright spots…no one said it is unnatural and most women seem to think that it is ok…BUT the downside is that most women seem to think it is ok for any woman besides themselves. Very sad. I can think of numerous women who would look WAY better if they had some muscle AND most of those women would answer that it’s “not for me, but nothing wrong with it.”

Come on people.

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