So I always try to set a long-term goal, but sometimes it is really REALLY hard to start initiating changes when your goal seems so far away.

It is hard to get started when you goal seems COMPLETELY OVERWHELMING.

Sometimes it can seem so challenging that you don’t even want to get started – you’d rather just go sit on the couch, open up a bag of potato chips and watch some movies.

I know…I almost always feel that way each and every New Year.

A new set of challenges. A round of potential “failures.”

It can be extremely daunting.

But that doesn’t mean you should just give up or not even get started!

You need to break down that big, overwhelming long-term goal into smaller short-term goals.

And when I say “small short-term goals,” I mean SMALL.¬†Like something you almost already do small.

Yes, month-long and week-long goals are important and great, but you need to set even smaller, easy to accomplish goals.

You need goals that you can easily accomplish so you stay motivated and constantly feel like you are moving forward.

Accomplishments and successes, no matter how small, motivate us. They really REALLY do.

And yes, there will still be set backs, but the more you can constantly feel like you are progressing, the easier it will be to stick to your goal and accomplish something that at once seemed overwhelming and completely undoable!

It’s amazing how something that once seemed undoable becomes so easily within reach when we just shrink the goal and make ourselves realize that we don’t need to be perfect to achieve it!

That’s right….We don’t need to be perfect. We just need to overcome little day-by-day challenges and we will get there.

Small steps. Small success are really what matter.

And those small success, over time, will add up to one big success, which may be even more than you were originally shooting for!

So take a deep breath, step back and shrink that long-term goal into small, DOABLE mini goals!

Then take small steps each and every day. And before you know it…YOU WILL BE THERE!

Happy New Year to the New You!

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