What can you accomplish in 21 days?

So yesterday I talked about shrinking your goals – taking one step at a time and overcoming small obstacles.

But then another question arises, “Where the heck do you even begin!?!?!”



A few of my co-workers and I started discussing this topic when we thought about all of the new people who would be coming into the gym this new year.

We came to the conclusion that there are two big things that keep people from even getting started on their health and fitness New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Their goals overwhelm them and they feel too stressed to even get started


2. People honestly don’t even know where to begin!

I mean where do you really start if you want to lose weight or get healthier? With diet? Or with exercise? Or do you need both?

And then what kind of program even works??!

So while I preach that you have to do some self-experimentation to really find out what will work best FOR YOU, I do think there are certain programs out there that can get you started.

And most of those programs aren’t a year long…Most are really only 1 month “jump-starts.”

While for some people it works best to make small changes slowly, it can also really work to make a change “cold turkey.” (Only you can know which works for you!)

Programs like the Primal Blueprint 21-day Transformation or Whole 30 are meant to help you dive right into a healthy lifestyle.

And while I can help clients that I see and talk to on a daily or weekly basis make slow steady changes, I can’t very easily create a program for the masses that does that.

So a group of us at Innovative Results put together our own “21-day Jump Start!”

We make getting started easy – we take out the guess-work.

But to have success, you do have to go all in.

Do our workouts and follow our diet program and you will get started moving toward your goals. You might not get there in just 21 days, but you will have gotten the momentum going!

I’ve included the link above if anyone is interested in checking out the program. If you do get it, make sure to email me (manbiceps@gmail.com) so I can help guide you through it! I can help you make adaptations so that the program will work well for you!

So don’t keep putting your resolution off! Start today and get the momentum going!!!

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