So before the weekend I wrote a post about you PUSHING YOURSELF – about you MOTIVATING yourself.

I wrote that you need to motivate yourself if you really want to get the most out of any workout that you do. I wrote that you don’t need fancy moves or to do things at break-neck speed to have a great workout.

But I didn’t get into HOW you motivate yourself.

Then this weekend I attend a Training for Warriors certification course, which was absolutely amazing. (I’ve honestly never enjoyed a seminar so much! Anyway, more about the course later…)

But one thing I really want to discuss now after my post last week is what Martin Rooney said about motivating yourself….He said you have to have a big enough “WHY.”

Saw this on the Innovative Results facebook page and just had to steal it! :-)

Saw this on the Innovative Results facebook page and just had to steal it! 🙂

When you have a big enough reason as to WHY you should do something, you will do it.

So if you have a big enough reason WHY you should push yourself during a workout or WHY you should eat well, you are going to do it.

Which honestly makes perfect sense. Saying you want to be healthy or be in shape isn’t a clear WHY. There also is no TIMELINE in which you want to accomplish the goal so why work hard right now?

But a wedding or a competition or any other BIG EVENT is a great motivator because it does give you a reason, a WHY, you should be committed and work hard right now.

So then the question arises of, “How do you motivate yourself when there is no big event, BUT you still need to eat well and workout because you logically know it is the right thing to do and you want to live a long healthy life.”

How do you get that sense of urgency that a big event creates when realistically you are just trying to make healthy habits a way of life?

You create that big event. You don’t allow yourself to slack off and put things off. You set immediate and pressing goals that force you to get started!

They don’t have to be huge daunting goals they just have to be something that you can measure that have some sort of reward or consequence.

I know I definitely am more committed and focused when I have a “big” event. When I wanted to hit those VersaClimber mile-markers, I did everything I could to reach that goal. I stayed focused on working hard each and every workout. I made sure to do the proper recovery in between. I made sure to get enough sleep and to eat well EVEN when it meant not binging on Thanksgiving.

I had a big enough WHY. I didn’t just want to hit the mile-markers…I also wanted to be the first woman to do it at our gym, which meant that I couldn’t wait – I needed to start training and do it NOW.

I had a sense of urgency which made my reason for working out even more important – it gave me a big WHY that wouldn’t let me put off training and made me give everything I had each and every day.

So even if you don’t have a big event coming up, create one. Give yourself a real reason to do all the things you want or know you should do, but haven’t done.

Create “tests” at the end of each month to monitor your progress. Have weigh ins. Have performance evaluations. See if you can do better each and every time.

Heck maybe even add in a little competition. I know that when I’m competing against other people I definitely push harder!

Take a second and really hammer in WHY you should achieve some of the things you’ve been slacking on…like eating well or working out. You may just then get the results that you’ve always wanted!

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  1. Good stuff. “Why” is the perfect question to ask when someone says they want to start working out. I’d bet most people are only after the aesthetics (i.e. dropping down a size)…and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, wanting to be stronger and healthier is by far a more potent motivator than simply wanting to fit into a small-sized bit of clothing.


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