Goal Setting For The New Year

Around this time everyone begins setting goals for the New Year.

Unfortunately, 90% of those goals never get accomplished.

Don’t let this be you!

And it isn’t because they aren’t meaningful. It isn’t because people don’t want to accomplish them. It isn’t because they aren’t doable.

It is because the goals aren’t clear, aren’t measurable aren’t WELL PLANNED.

The goals that never get accomplished are vague. Like I want to be healthier.

I want to be healthier. That is your goal!?!

Way to set yourself up for failure.

I mean…What is your definition of healthier? How are you going to measure that? What specific things are you going to do to get there? How will you even know if you’ve gotten there?

Heck…Why do you even want to be healthier? Because you are supposed to be healthier? Because you are supposed to WANT to be healthier?

And I’m not saying that being healthier can’t be what you truly want, your overall goal. I’m just saying that if you want to move toward being healthier, you must have specific things to accomplish, things you can measure.

You have to understand WHY you truly want it and what it means to you.

You need to be able to see and measure your progress.

So here are some great tips to help you take that vague goal and turn it into something meaningful that you will actually accomplish this next year!

Goal Setting Tips:

What are your goals for the New Year? What moves would you like to master?

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  1. 🙂 I’m working on several advanced bodyweight movements. I really, really want to go to a PCC or GMB clinic in 2014 or early 2015 when I can swing it ($$) to get some hands on work with progressive bodyweight movements! I got a raise at work so …. Savin’ pennies!!

  2. I really think that goals are too vague can be a set back because they’re not measurable. I know specific goals really help me to stay on track.

  3. My goal is to reach out to the newbies in my classes and make an effort to encourage them each time they come into the gym. I also believe some people need to set up a plan/goals for after that first week of January when their motivation is getting low. I hate to see all the new people sign the contract at the gym and by February are gone 😦

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