Recently I’ve been doing a lot of writing (most of these posts are yet unpublished) about finding your WHY.

The reason WHY you are committing to a healthy lifestyle…but not just the superficial reasons.

Those deep dark reasons that keep you coming back for more no matter what else is going on in your life.

The reason that would keep you coming back even if you didn’t make money or get any recognition for what you’d done.

And this got me to thinking about my true WHY.

Why did I really want to become a trainer? Why did I want to dedicate my life to health and fitness?

It’s funny…When I started as a trainer, I did it because I loved fitness. My why, I thought, was a passion for health and fitness.

But the reason I continued as a trainer wasn’t because I loved fitness so much – it was because I loved people.

If I could do one thing every day, it would be to make at least one person realize their own strength and feel more confident and happy about who they are.

And more specifically, I want to empower women.

Don’t get me wrong…I love improving the health of all my male clients. I love making them stronger and more confident and happy about how they feel. I love seeing their progress in the health and fitness realm carry over into every day life.

BUT my true why is empowering women.

I think this whole empowering thing was bred into me at an early age by my mother who loved to read me fairy tales where the princess rescued herself and sometimes even the prince.

I’ve always been on a quest to be strong, self-confident and independent.

And for me…sports became a way to develop these things.

There is just something about lifting heavy weights or pulling out grueling matches or games that makes you feel so freaking strong.

The victory of doing something as simple as lifting a heavier weight than you lifted before is empowering.

It doesn’t just make you feel better about your fitness – it carries over into every aspect of your life.

And while I think lifting heavy can empower men, I think it has an even bigger effect on women.

I really do feel like most women aren’t raised to want to be super strong, independent, self-confident and empowered individuals.

I feel that most women believe they are supposed to suffer in silence and want only what is best for others – I believe that many women are raised to try to see themselves as selfless individuals.

Which don’t get me wrong, can be a good thing. It is great to put others first.

BUT how can you really serve others if you don’t take care of your own needs first?

If you aren’t truly your own person, how can you really be there for anyone else?

Anyway, I believe that through sports and heavy lifting, specifically, women can develop a clear and empowered sense of self.

I know I did.

And well….my WHY is to share this with as many women as possible. I’ve seen it work. I’ve seen women grow stronger and more confident right before my eyes.

I’ve seen women give themselves permission to embrace qualities of themselves that they didn’t realize they had before.

I’ve seen women who once said to me, “I’m not strong and confident like you” become incredibly empowered, strong and self-confident individuals who could hold their own against any challenger.

I’ve seen women reach beyond what they once thought possible because they became more empowered simply by lifting heavy.

Lifting heavy is empowering. I saw myself grow and change because of it. And my WHY is that I want to help as many women as I can realize just how strong and wonderful they truly are!

Maybe this post is too philosophical for a Thursday, but heck it is 75, I just went for a run on the beach (YAY and ICK) and am now relaxing with a cider on my afternoon off. So…well…bear with me!

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