Relieving Aches and Pains

The other day I agreed to do some mobility and stabilization work with a collegiate men’s basketball team.

They were probably the most inflexible, broken down and injured group of people EVER.

And they were high level athletes!!

But the craziest part is that they just seemed to accept their inflexibility, pain and injuries. When they shouldn’t, and most definitely don’t have to.

Sometimes I think we become so used to chronic pain that we just start to accept it and avoid certain activities INSTEAD of working to correct the pain so that we don’t have any limitations.

But most injuries can be made better. And most aches and pains can be gotten rid of.

it just takes spending some time on those not so fun pieces of working out – like stabilization exercises, stretching, foam rolling and RECOVERY.

Working out isn’t all glitz and glamour. Actually you get all the glitz and glamour, all the fun exercises and great results, by doing that tedious, boring, prehab and rehab stuff.

Because if you don’t do enough prehab and rehab not only will you suffer from chronic pain at the site of that injury, but you also risk causing injury further up your kinetic chain!

Here are some prehab/rehab exercises, stretches and trigger point release techniques to get you started this weekend. Check back this next week for more stretches and exercises to help alleviate those nagging aches and pains from sitting at a desk all day!

Accepting Pain and some quick tips to fix it!

Neck and Upper Back Pain and Injury

Ankle Pain and Injury

Lower Leg and Foot Pain and Injury

Glute activation exercise for less low back pain (good to do after an ankle, knee or hip injury!)

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