Glute Training – Why I’m obsessed with butt workouts

For those of you on my email list, you’ve probably already realized that I love glute training since EVERY email this month has been about butt exercises and butt workouts!

glute exercises

So why am I so obsessed with glute training?

Is it because I LOVE leg workouts?


Is it because I want stronger glutes so I can deadlift more and sprint faster?


Is it because I’m sick of hearing people complain about back pain and injury?


But even above all those things, I’ve become so obsessed because in many ways, I feel like we’ve gotten away from what true glute training should be in favor of only lifting heavier weights.

We’ve become so obsessed with doing gnarly stuff that we’ve forgotten to actually build the base we need to be able to truly do great things.

Building strong glutes starts with foam rolling and activation so that the correct muscles are firing and working.

THEN comes the big lifts, the heavy weights, the fast sprints.

And the best part is….You’ll have NO PAIN AND INJURY!

So if you’ve missed them, here are this month’s emails about glute training:

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Also, I know this time of year can be rough…Sounds random but it is true. All of the motivation you’ve felt because of the New Year has worn off and the “summer/bikini season” motivation that many people get hasn’t yet kicked in.

Stay motivated though and remember that you won’t get results unless you continue to work! Eating well and working out isn’t something you just do all out for a few months and then never have to do again. It is something you balance with every day life for the rest of your life!

motivational quote

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