Age is an Attitude

Stop telling me you can’t do something because you are “x” amount of years old.

We’ve all heard the saying that “Age is just a number.”

But age is more than that….It is an attitude.

Our bodies and minds can be “old” or “young” at any age. It just depends on our attitude toward life and our desire and drive to stay young and active.

Just think about all of the Olympic athletes competing, and even WINNING, when they are supposedly old for the sport.

While yes, as we age our body does go through changes, we never have to FEEL old. We never have to have pain and injury sideline us so that we can’t enjoy life as we once did.



Getting older shouldn’t mean that you can’t be physically active without pain.

But what does that have to do with ATTITUDE?

It has to do with attitude because as we age, we start to ACCEPT pain and injury. We start to ACCEPT that there are things we can no longer do.

Instead of working to prevent pain and injury, we give in to it.

And that is how age becomes an attitude.

We allow ourselves to feel old instead of working to stay young, to stay active.

As we age it is almost even more important that we stay active. Because inactive leads to more inactivity because then any activity causes pain.

However, if we keep moving and stay strong we can fight off injury and lead a higher quality of life.

So start moving people!

It only gets harder to get started as we age so build a base now. Don’t wait!

And don’t just accept that getting older means injury and immobility because IT DOESN’T!

Inactivity means pain and injury NOT age.

So if you have the attitude that you are going to give in to the pain and that getting a year older has to mean feeling older then you are old…even if you are only 30.

But if you have the attitude that you can feel great at any age and take on new challenges no matter how many years you’ve lived….well then you can be 80 years young.

Don’t let your attitude make you feel older.


Trust me getting moving will improve your coordination and balance as you age ESPECIALLY if you use these drills – Mind-Body Connection Drills!

And in case you need more motivation to get moving, here is a post about Becoming A Beast At Any Age!


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