The Double-Edged Sword of Learning

I’m definitely of the opinion that you should always continue learning – that you should always be seeking out new knowledge and growing.

However, constantly learning can be a double-edged sword if you don’t apply a filter.

The problem with constantly learning is that you are going to encounter lots of opinions that differ and even contradict what you are currently doing.

And while it is good to adjust your program as you learn and grow, there are also going to be times when you need to IGNORE the new information.

There are lots of different things that work and you can’t do them all…especially not all at once.

So while you want to try to incorporate the new things you learn, you must do it in a way that actually allows you to BENEFIT from all of your new knowledge.

That means not always chasing shiny new things and constantly doing the latest and greatest.

It means experimenting (aka actually giving something time to see if it works) with something new and seeing if it works and then deciding to keep it or not.

The more you learn, the more you will understand that you have to FILTER what you learn and pick and choose what to believe and apply.

While there are lots of things that work, you have to find what works for you.

All the learning in the world won’t help you get results if you don’t apply it appropriately.

While you want to continue to seek out and read new information, you need to process it for yourself.


And on that note…Let me now share some fun new articles with some great information!

  • 11 Reasons You’re Not Losing Fat – A great article that is more of a reminder than earth-shattering new information.
  • Two Things To Help You Build Muscle – All too often I think we stress over post exercise nutrition aka eating the right things within an hour of working out. When in reality, what we eat 24 hours after our workout matters…
  • Heavy Carries – Heavy carries are some of the most functional, full body moves out there yet all too often we pass them up. Start carrying heavy s@!% and start seeing great results!
  • Fasting and Exercise – Could exercises on an empty stomach be beneficial? I like fasted training…Do you do it?
  • More about the Turkish Get Up – A great full body move that really helps you develop functional core strength! This is a must-do move no matter your age or fitness level.
  • Resistant Starch – Carbs aren’t created equal. And can I just say…I like green bananas!
  • Bodyweight Training Book Bundle SALE! – In case you want lots of new information to test out your filter (and love bodyweight training like me), check out this Bodyweight Training bundle. Sale ends Monday!

Anyone else find any great new information or articles they would like to share!?!

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  1. This is great advice! I wrote a similar post just this morning about cutting through the millions of pages of bulls@#t that plague the Internet on the subject of health and fitness. That’s why I follow just a handful of quality sources for my insights… which happens to include you! Keep up the good work!

  2. Yes, this is what I need to learn!!! I think I was born without a filter….grin.

    • You were not born without a filter. Trust me it took me awhile to develop one and sometimes I still suffer from what I call “Squirrel” syndrome…(have you seen Up? haha)

      I think what it boils down to is find the similarities in everything and then understanding why the differences. There are lots of ways to accomplish the same thing! Out of that grows your filter.

  3. “All the learning in the world won’t help you get results if you don’t apply it appropriately.” Ahhhh wiser words have never been spoken. How many people think they can just be told or taught what to do and they will be fine, but never learn to apply the things they’ve learned?

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