It’s Not About a RIGHT Answer – It’s About Asking WHY

In terms of dieting and working out there are a lot of RIGHT answers.

However, there is very little understanding about WHY certain things are correct.

Take for instance this question “How many exercises should be included in a workout?”

A correct answer could really be anything. You could say all you need is ONE exercise.

But you could also say you sometimes need 15.

It just all depends on what you are trying to accomplish with the workout.

Same goes for diet.

I’ve told you I’m not a huge fan of “Paleo” baked goods. And I have my reasons WHY.

And honestly it isn’t so much the baked goods as the fact that most people don’t really understand WHY they are even doing Paleo that irritates me.

Everything with diet and exercise sort of circles back to WHY with me.

Why are you doing something?

Do you understand the studies and rationale behind what you are doing?

Since there is no one right answer, you have to pick the right answer for YOU. And you can’t do that if you just choose something and follow it blindly.

You can only truly find the right thing for you if you understand the reasoning behind what you are doing – the WHY.

Nothing irritates me more than people who just follow the fads and never ask WHY.

Understand WHY you are doing something people! There are lots of things that can work and if you don’t understand why, you probably aren’t going to pick the best option for you. You are simply going to pick something you’ve heard works for others!

Heck you might even end up doing something that sets you back because you don’t understand the rationale behind it!

So this week, think about your program.

Do you understand WHY you are doing what you’re doing?

And ask yourself, “Is it really working?”

Because if it isn’t working and you don’t understand why you are doing what you’re doing, you may not know how to change things for the better.

So start doing some research. Figure out the WHY behind your program so you can change things as needed and start really progressing toward your goals.

Do you know WHY your program is set up the way it is? Is there a method and rationale behind it?

And is it helping you reach success?


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  1. Spot on! I feel like I understand enough about my foods to know why I do what I do. It can always be taken further but not sure I want to take that on right now – the researching nitty gritty piece and going deeper about foods & energy. I’m trying the above for my programming and fitness… sometimes is pretty overwhelming because there are SO many directions it can go and there are SO many “it depends” answers and any one answer you think you have, there is another one that is opposite it seems…. and you just keep on looking and wondering and finding answers to the things that make you go hmmmmm?

  2. Following just one program to a T never seemed to hold for me. I could sustain it for a certain period of time and then feel lost when things didn’t pan out as expected. I know why I mix calorie counting with intuitive eating these days because one keeps me on track and accountable while the other allows for flexibility. Only time will tell if that will continue, though. I’m always adjusting based on my needs at the time.

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