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Wedding Week Part 4 – Love yourself!

I’m going to wrap up my wedding week reflections with probably one of the most important things I’ve learned, “You are never going to be happy if you can’t accept and LOVE YOURSELF.”

I stated the other day that I feel like fitness, the gym, working out, are sort of a microcosm. If you can learn to be confident and strong in the gym that confidence and strength will then translate into every day life.

And when I say that you have confidence in yourself, I’m not saying that you aren’t going to always work to improve yourself.

I’m just saying that you love yourself because of who and what you are and all of the effort you’ve put in to get there!

Found this on Pinterest the other day and really liked it.

Found this on Pinterest the other day and really liked it.


Almost every day I hear women complain about things they want to change about themselves. Occasionally I hear women mention something they like about themselves.

But rarely do I ever hear women say anything about all the hard work they put in to become stronger, smarter, healthier, happier, BETTER each and every day!

And as I mentioned earlier this week, the journey is the BEST part.

Everyday we choose the person we are going to be. Everyday we have a chance to reinvent ourselves and become an even better version of ourselves.

Everyday you get another chance to be who you want to be and not worry about what anyone else thinks.

Over the years I can say I’ve become more and more comfortable with myself.¬†And it’s not because I’m perfect or because I don’t have anything I want to improve about myself.

It is because I know how hard I work each and every day to become better and stronger. It is because I know how far I’ve come and how much I’ve accomplished.

It’s because I truly really don’t care what anyone else thinks as long as I MAKE MYSELF HAPPY.

And the bulk of my strength and confidence was developed on the playing field and in the gym.

I developed it by pushing myself to compete against people who were supposed to be better than me. I developed it by putting in hard work every single day so that no matter what happened, I could at least say I gave it my all. I developed it by putting myself out there and trying new things – things that were far outside my comfort zone.

I developed it by pushing myself beyond what I thought was possible to realize what I could truly achieve.

I thought a lot about all of this when planning…and carrying out…our wedding.

We did a lot of untraditional things. A lot of things other people might not like or may even “judge” us for…aka laugh AT us not WITH us.

But honestly I didn’t care because those things represented ME and RYAN.

Loving yourself is about ACCEPTING yourself. About knowing your strengths and your flaws and giving yourself credit for the journey.

Don’t let another day go by that you aren’t proud of the person you’ve become.

Challenge yourself every day. Work hard every day. Appreciate your journey.

These are things you can control.¬†Other people and their perceptions, you can’t control. So don’t let them influence your opinion of yourself!

Here is a little video to hopefully entertain you on this Monday! Ryan and my first dance! We are far from champion dancers…but boy did we have fun!

Confidence – Victories Build Upon Victories

So you often hear New Years resolutions and people coming into the gym with a goal of losing weight, getting healthier, being more toned, feeling better.

But what is their REAL reason WHY?

Honestly, it really isn’t to look better. Or even to get healthier most of the time.

It is to be more CONFIDENT!

I mean why do you want to look better? Is it really just for the sake of looking better? Or is it because you want to FEEL better about yourself – be more CONFIDENT in how you look?

Do you really want to get healthier? Or do you want to be MORE CONFIDENT in you health – know that when you wake up you will have the energy to tackle the day and won’t constantly be falling ill?

Yup…Underlying just about every health and fitness goal is a person’s real WHY – CONFIDENCE.

And while I would say this is definitely the case for women, I think it is also true for men.

Even high level athletes train to have more confidence. Yes, they train to get stronger…But they really train because they want to be CONFIDENT that they can win.

A healthy lifestyle is all about confidence no matter what terms you actually use to describe your goal.

That is why having a measurable goal, which is broken down into SHORT-TERM goals, is so important.

A big part of confidence is seeing progress – seeing SUCCESS…no matter how small.

When we accomplish something, there is definitely a feeling of pride, a feeling of CONFIDENCE.

I know that is why I make a daily task list. I love the feeling of success and accomplishment that I get when I cross something off of my to-do list!

Even if it is something small. Honestly, I usually even start with the easiest and smallest task for the day because it is the least daunting and seems quick and painless. AND it gets the momentum going because once I’ve finished something and see the list start to get smaller, I feel even more motivated to continue.

Usually getting the momentum going is the hardest part, which is why it is so important to start with something small. Easy to accomplish tasks present a lower barrier to entry…aka they make it seem less intimidating to get started on a difficult task.

So while your long-term goal may be something that will take months or even years to accomplish (and may seem incredibly daunting at the moment), your short-term goals should be things you can accomplish daily or even weekly.

You NEED to have easy to accomplish short-term goals, especially at the beginning because those quick and easy victories will get the momentum rolling.

And when you start seeing success, no matter how small, your confidence will build. And as your confidence builds, you will perform better, feel better, and even look better.

So if you want to accomplish all those more “superficial” goals like losing weight, getting more toned, being healthier, you first have to target the real reason you want all of those things – CONFIDENCE!

P.S. By superficial I don’t mean not important…your health is VERY important and does drive people to eat better or workout, but if you build your confidence, those other goals don’t seem near as intimidating or out of reach!

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