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It’s Monday…

So today was a bench day. BLEH! haha. I almost got 125 which would have been 5lbs over my bodyweight. I blame the fact that I didn’t on the fact that it is Monday.

Candy, however, did hit a new PR of 135! Ten more pounds and she be benching herself! It was so cool though that she got to put on the big boy girl plates! I’m jealous! 😉

It was a killer workout though. Heavy bench, incline bench, incline flyes, close grip bench, dips, push ups, front and side raises, tricep pushdowns and a BAZILLION bicep curls. Brian wanted to grow his beach muscles! 😉

Anyway, I was motivated today. I was excited to workout this week partly because of the video below about Annie Thorisdottir.

Talk about motivational! If this doesn’t make you want to start Crossfit and heavy lifting then nothing will! Annie Thorisdottir you are amazing!!!!

Anyway, here’s a little picture to make you smile on a Monday…


Poor Burger King. Their sign got graffitied! HA!

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