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It’s Monday…

So today was a bench day. BLEH! haha. I almost got 125 which would have been 5lbs over my bodyweight. I blame the fact that I didn’t on the fact that it is Monday.

Candy, however, did hit a new PR of 135! Ten more pounds and she be benching herself! It was so cool though that she got to put on the big boy girl plates! I’m jealous! 😉

It was a killer workout though. Heavy bench, incline bench, incline flyes, close grip bench, dips, push ups, front and side raises, tricep pushdowns and a BAZILLION bicep curls. Brian wanted to grow his beach muscles! 😉

Anyway, I was motivated today. I was excited to workout this week partly because of the video below about Annie Thorisdottir.

Talk about motivational! If this doesn’t make you want to start Crossfit and heavy lifting then nothing will! Annie Thorisdottir you are amazing!!!!

Anyway, here’s a little picture to make you smile on a Monday…


Poor Burger King. Their sign got graffitied! HA!

Top 6 Motivational Women – Soon to be Top 10!

Yesterday while I was standing in the check out line at Whole Foods with an array of delicious food in front of me (pork shoulder, pork belly, macadamia nuts, salami) I gave in to an impulse buy – Oxygen Magazine.

I can rarely ever resist buying Oxygen Magazine or Fitness Rx or Muscle and Fitness HERS for that matter. There is something about those beautiful muscular women on the cover that I just can’t resist even though most of the time I’m disappointed with the nutritional information that the magazines provide.

BUT the articles don’t bother me. I didn’t buy them for their nutrition or fitness tips.

I bought them for the motivation those awesome fitness models provide. They are beautiful, muscled and strong. They are everything I work everyday to be!

I know this sounds strange…most of the women I know hate looking at pictures of models because those perfect women make them feel inferior. But the pictures have the opposite effect on me. Seeing those beautiful women means that my goals are possible. They motivate me to keep working hard so that I can be as fit as them!

I’ve even hung pictures of fitness models on my refrigerator to remind me of my goals (Jamie Eason specifically!!!). Of course I’ve stopped doing this since I’ve realized that house guests find it a little strange….

Two years ago one of Ryan’s roommates from college came to visit Boston and stayed with us. He saw the pictures of skimpily clad fitness models up on the refrigerator and asked Ryan if he put those up there. He had seemed confused by the pictures of half-naked girls.

Ryan said no that I had put them up. I almost think that confused Ryan’s old roommate more…

Anyway, I loved seeing those girls every time I went to the refrigerator…They definitely kept me from grabbing bad food out of the fridge! 😉

But anyway, I haven’t put them back up since. BUT here is a list of the Top 6 Women that motivate me to lift heavy and eat clean!!! (They aren’t in any particular order) 🙂

1. Jamie Eason – She was the first fitness model that really motivated me to get super involved in heavy lifting and I have a huge girl crush on her (sorry Ryan). She is strong and beautiful.

2. Annie Thorisdottir – She is the fittest woman on the planet at the moment. DUH she’s motivational!

3. Angie Pye – She looks amazing and she’s one of the fittest women on the planet. What isn’t motivating about that!?!

4. Lindsey Smith – She’s a top crossfit competitor and a super sexy mother. Another bad-ass, motivational woman! (AND Candy’s favorite!)

5. Margaret Diubaldo – A fitness competitor who has been on like a bazillion fitness magazine covers. Obviously muscular and beautiful!

Plus I love the short haircut! 🙂

6. Natasha Peay – A fitness competitor and boxer, she is one super sexy strong woman who isn’t afraid to kick a little ass!

These 6 women don’t include the most motivational woman of all – the Man Bicep Mom. She inspired me to lift heavy and has always supported me (not to mention she is one super sexy muscular woman herself!!!)

What women motivate you?

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