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It’s hard not to preach…

Sometimes I find it very hard to keep my mouth shut when my clients talk about nutrition. I obviously share my opinions and views with them, but I have to remind myself not to continually preach to them about why their low-fat, crap food diet isn’t working.

And it’s hard. Because sometimes you just want to say, “Why are you claiming your diet is so healthy when it OBVIOUSLY isn’t working for you and you’ve been trying to lose weight FOREVER!”

But you can’t say that.

But sometimes it is just so hard to refrain…even though I do. I mean shoot if they were even claiming to eat Primal and not losing weight, I would want to preach to them to find something different.

I just don’t get how people just keep sticking with something that isn’t getting them results.

I mean I’ll try a diet for 90 days and if I’m not seeing any results, I’m done with it. Some of my clients have been doing their “diets” for years and haven’t seen results…

So why are they so set on sticking with their diet!?!

Is it a fear of trying something new and failing? Possibly…

Is it the difficulty of trying something new and potentially having to give up foods you like? Possibly…

Is it because they’ve heard the diet works for numerous other people? Possibly…

Is it because someone in the mainstream media cited some scientific study about the health of their diet? Possibly…

But are any of these really good enough reasons to stick with something you’ve PROVED to not work?


Stop paying attention to what mainstream media and your friends say worked for them! That isn’t one of the keys to finding your “dieting secret” remember!?!

Stop being afraid of trying something new! And risk giving up foods that you like! You may find other foods that you love even more on the new diet! Experiment!

I mean honestly, what is the worst case scenario? Nothing works?

If the worst case scenario is that nothing works, then nothing bad really happened, did it? I mean you weren’t seeing results before.

But there is a benefit to experimenting EVEN if you don’t see results. The benefit is YOU LEARNED! You learned more about dieting and probably discovered some new things that you both like and dislike.

I don’t want to have to preach about my how wonderful my diet is people! But please don’t preach to me about yours if it obviously isn’t working! Start experimenting…If you do, I’m more than willing to listen to any complaints or rave reviews that you have!


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