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Grip Strength

So I must say, I’m now spoiled by having a car.

No more long walks back to my apartment with huge heavy bags of groceries that make my forearms burn (sometimes it was a huge mental battle making it back to my apartment without setting everything down to readjust!).

But just because I don’t have long walks back with heavy groceries doesn’t mean working on my grip strength isn’t important.


It is essential to so many activities!

And I hate hearing people ┬ásay they can’t deadlift more because their grip gave out.

You are only a strong as your weakest link!

So work on your grip strength!

Now you are probably thinking “How do I work on my grip strength?”

Here are 10 ways that you can strengthen your grip:

  1. Farmers walk – Walk holding heavy dumbbells (sort of like you are carrying super heavy groceries!)
  2. Fat gripz – Make the farmers walk harder by making the heavy dumbbell harder to grip. The fat grips don’t allow you to wrap your hand as easily around the grip.
  3. Hang and hold – You can hold at the top if you want to make it more difficult or hold at the bottom (you can even do knees to elbows if you want to work your core even more). The point is by hanging and gripping the bar, you will work on your grip strength. (You can do pull ups with so many different grips off of so many different things! You can even do them by just gripping with your finger tips!)
  4. Grip strange stuff – Ok not very specific. This could include doing pull ups by holding onto a rope or towel. It could include holding a weight hanging from a towel or rope. It could even include doing battling ropes. Doing work while holding something that isn’t perfectly fitted to your hand will challenge your grip strength.
  5. Plate carry – Like the farmers walk but using a “pinch grip” to hold plate weights as you walk.
  6. Rock climb – A workout in and of itself, there is no better (or in my opinion fun) way to work on your grip strength.
  7. Be patient – Seems simple! But it’s not! Try doing kettlebell swings for five minutes with a challenging weight. Don’t put the kettlebell down for the full five minutes! Your forearms will be on fire! You can also do a deadlift and then just hold the bar at the top for long periods of time.
  8. Rice – So a traditional way to work on grip strength, and something I did all the time at college, was grip exercises in a big bucket of rice. You take a bucket of rice and stick your hand deep down in it and squeeze. Your hand gets tired in no time! Another way I just learned, using the rice, is to take a dumbbell and stick it into the rice. Gripping one end of the dumbbell, twist the dumbbell as deep as you can into the rice. Added weight and rice….OUCH!
  9. Awkward weight – There is no better way to toast your grip and even your shoulder than by doing a bottoms up carry with the kettlebell. It takes a lot of grip strength to keep that awkward weight balanced!
  10. Roll up weight – So not something I use that often just because I feel like in general you get more bang for your buck with some of the other exercises, BUT if you have a little rod and attach a string and a light weight and “roll up the weight” you will really work on your grip strength!

Fat gripz

Great for grip strength. We hang these on hooks and can even do pull ups from them!

Look at those forearms working!

A wrist roller….better than my name of “roll up the weight!”

For more great ways to strengthen your grip, check out these links (one is linked to the picture). John Brookfield is SO COOL!!

This picture was just so cool I had to show it and attach the link to it!

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