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The Man Bicep Diet – 2 month update

I’m not a fan of taking photos. I don’t usually like how I look in photos and I avoid being in as many photos as possible.

BUT photos are really the best way to prove that your diet is working. Therefore, I spent a few hours this morning taking some fitness photos to show the results I got from the first 2 months of the Man Bicep diet. I’m a bit nervous to show them but I know this is key to proving just how right I am! ­čśë

I started this diet on January 1st with the intention of cutting off that last little bit of fat and being able to keep it off while still being able to get stronger!

So far I’m very happy with the results! The first two months were meant to really kick-start my fat lose.

The next phase of my diet starts on March 1st and it is more of a maintenance phase than the first one; however, during the next couple of months I will continue to lose fat while gaining strength and muscle until I reach the exact body composition I want!

And if my photos inspired you, here are more recipes from the Man Bicep Recipe Box to help you reach your goals!

Pull ups...they do a body good!

We can't just look good...we also have to kick some butt!

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