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Breakfast is overrated

So in my opinion breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day, especially as we know it.

How about you just skip the porridge?

The worst thing you could do is force down breakfast if you aren’t hungry. The worst thing you could do is start your morning with simple sugars, a ton of carbs and gluten.

Am I saying you should skip breakfast? Yea if you want.

I’m just saying breakfast isn’t the be all and end all of meals especially as we are advised to eat by conventional wisdom.

So should you skip breakfast? And if you do eat it, what should you eat?

So I skip breakfast except on the weekends. I mostly skip it because I’m not usually hungry until about lunch time. I also skip it because it feels super unnatural to force down food at 4:30 a.m. Also, I feel too lazy most of the time to prepare breakfast food for the next day.

AND I’ve also never been a big fan of breakfast food. I love the occasional pancake binge, but other than that I’ve never LOVED breakfast.

So I only eat it on the weekends. And then I make omelets or scrambles or even some almond butter protein pancakes. I eat breakfast when I can actually sit down and enjoy it.

BUT if you are a breakfast fan or just feel like you don’t function as well if you don’t eat something in the morning, you do have options (even if none of them are cereal!).

You can make hard-boiled eggs, omelets, scrambles, hashes, protein (no gluten) pancakes. You can make steak and eggs, bacon and eggs, veggies and eggs. You can have nuts, and smoothies (delicious with frozen berries, protein and kefir!).

There is so much out there you can eat so STOP FOCUSING ON THE FOODS YOU CAN’T EAT! Shoot you can even have steak and bacon and some potatoes (if you eat them) for breakfast! Breakfast doesn’t have to be traditional breakfast food! It can be anything you love!

So once I’ve told clients they don’t HAVE to eat breakfast. And once I’ve told them all the good things they can eat that AREN’T carb-laden, they usually come back with, “But nothing is as easy to grab and go as cereal!”

Yes cereal is easy to grab and go, BUT if you make hard-boiled eggs (aka stick eggs in a pot of water for about 10ish minutes) on Sunday, you have breakfast for a few days! You can also make individual egg scrambles in the oven using a muffin tin (they can have veggies and bacon or anything else you want!). Or you can make the protein pancakes and store them in the refrigerator for breakfast or snack all week! Shoot you can even grab some macadamia nuts, fruits and some leftover meat that you made for another meal if you want! That is definitely an easy grab and go meal!

Yes most of these things do take some prep time, but they are easy to take with you once they are made and you can make enough for the entire week. PLUS THEY ARE GOOD FOR YOU!

Do you eat breakfast? And if so, what is your favorite dish!?!

Conventional Wisdom – BS about Breakfast

Oh Conventional Wisdom…I HATE YOU.

People believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day…my question is why is it so important?

The common answers are:

  • If you skip breakfast you are more likely to become obese because you will overeat later.
  • Breakfast kick starts your energy level after fasting all night which can help prevent you from overeating later in the day.
  • Breakfast is also supposed to kick-start your metabolism and increase your metabolic rate, which will help prevent weight gain.

So what I’ve deduced from all of this is that breakfast is important because it is supposed to prevent obesity and help you control your weight.

But seriously, how is it supposed to do this? Consuming calories at a certain point in your day is really going to help you lose weight and fight obesity?


I mean just look at our breakfast eating society…seems like breakfast is really helping with our obesity problem!

Maybe breakfast isn’t really the key to preventing obesity. Maybe overeating is. Maybe weight gain has more to do with ingesting the wrong foods than it does with eating at certain times of the day!

I believe you should eat when you are hungry. If you want breakfast, eat it. BUT if you aren’t hungry in the morning, don’t eat. What benefit can eating when you aren’t hungry have?

If you only eat when you are hungry, you WON’T overeat later! For more information about how breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day check out the two links below.

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