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So over the last week, Ryan and I have made a few trips to IKEA to buy furniture since we sold everything when we moved from Boston.

I love Ikea….the only problem is you have to pick up all the furniture and put it together.

And the picking it up isn’t the problem!

Anyway, yesterday we made pretty much our final trip there to buy the last couple of large things. We walked around their “marketplace” or whatever they call it and went down the aisle to pick up the boxes that we needed.

I of course don’t ever wait for Ryan’s help. I just start lifting the massive awkward boxes onto our cart the best that I can. And if it looks like I won’t be able to get the box or am about to smash myself in the face/foot/you name a body part, Ryan will step in to help me. Otherwise, he just lets me do my thing.

But so yesterday we were getting the parts for a dresser. I had managed the first box, but the second was super heavy so Ryan came around to help me.

All the while this shorter couple is standing behind us waiting to grab their boxes for the dresser. I hurried to grab our boxes so we could move down the aisle to grab the next piece.

As we moved down, I watched the short couple move to grab the boxes…or should I say I watched the husband/boyfriend/male grab the long awkward boxes by himself.

And while that didn’t make me think at first because I would have gone right at it just like him, what got me was the fact that when he struggled so badly that I even wanted to go over and help him, all she did was stand there.


He was struggling hard and kept dropping the box as he moved it two feet to the cart and she just stood there!


Maybe she just stood there because he would reject the help. Maybe she stood there because she didn’t feel like helping. Maybe she stood there because she wasn’t strong enough to help.

I don’t know why she just stood there. But I can’t get over the fact that she didn’t help.

Am I the only weirdo slightly perturbed by this? You can admit it if I am….

Anyway, I turned to Ryan and said, “Aren’t you glad I’m strong and help you move everything?”

He just smiled and said, “Yup” because he has heard this statement every time we move.

I think it is just that every time Ryan and I move, I realize just how glad I am that when I workout I lift heavy stuff!

P.S. This will lead into a post tomorrow, if I haven’t died of frustration before then from trying to put everything together, inspired by my boss at Innovative Results who has created an “awkward weights” workout progression which may be just what some of us need to help make us strong so we can move boxes, furniture or any awkward, heavy piece of whatever.

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