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Top 10 – Famous women who lift?

So this post today WAS going to be about the top 10 hot famous women that lift. But so far…Candy and I haven’t been very successful.

First we tried searching for hot muscled actresses. Most actresses don’t look very muscled (except when the train for a movie like Million Dollar Baby). The only actress I really found who looked halfway decent was Cameron Diaz. Of course she is getting all sorts of criticism for being too muscled. I personally think she looks pretty awesome and gnarly here!

We then decided to try searching for hot muscled singers. We found Madonna…no one else…but Madonna.

Of course, there is much debate about whether or not she is also too muscled. Of course the “too muscled” pictures of both Cameron Diaz and Madonna look more like “too skinny” than “too muscled” to me. But hey…whatever…

Yea I mean she looks pretty freaking anorexic to me...Not muscled.

I finally got so fed up trying to find actresses or singers or famous women in general that I just typed in “women with muscle.” I got bodybuilders and some links to inappropriate sites. No famous women with nice toned, muscled physiques.

I then asked Brian if he knew of any famous women with muscle. The only one he could come up with was Jillian Michaels. Candy and I decided that she didn’t really count since she is a famous fitness TRAINER! But then again at least she has muscle unlike half of the celebrity and famous trainers out there!

Anyway, if you can think of any famous, popular women with muscle (who aren’t involved in the fitness industry like┬átrainers or fitness models), please let me know. We seem to be at a loss here.

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