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The good, the bad and the simply stupid

First off, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a tenacious young woman, Fern! Happy Birthday!

Now onto the good, the bad and the simply stupid!

The Good


  • I like this quote from Michelle Obama,”You wouldn’t think of watering a plant with soda.” No you definitely wouldn’t.
  • Interesting research about dietary fat and cholesterol absorption.
  • I’ve discovered that I love designing workouts that ask you to do as many rounds as possible in under a certain time limit (usually 20 or 30 minutes). If you push hard for 20-30, you will probably get more out of the workout than steady-state cardio for an hour. Actually I GUARANTEE you’ll get more out of it!

Workout of the Week

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:

5 Dips
10 Inverted Rows
15 Burpees
20 Front squats with weight

Your quads definitely burn a bit between the burpees and using a challenging weight on front squats!

The Bad

  • Ryan and I watched a Restaurant Impossible, in which Robert helps upgrade a community center. While they do create a garden and make the place super nice, the thing that bothered me the most was the prepackaged food the kids were being served. IT WAS ALL CARBS AND IT WAS BEING PASSED OFF AS HEALTHY! When seriously will the low-fat diet fad pass!?!
  • If only they ate Primally, they wouldn’t have to suffer. They could bulk up or slim down easily and healthily! Celebrities and stupid diets…BLEH! Of course I do understand that some roles demand extremes but still…I mean especially Anne Hathaway! You want a catwoman body!?! Eat Primally!

The Simply Stupid

  • Silk Pure Almond milk – According to their commercial people preferred the taste over regular milk. Of course the flavor they show in the commercial isn’t the Original, which has very little sugar – they instead show chocolate and vanilla! Of course people prefer them! They have more sugar and more CRAP in them!
  • Yesterday while at the gym, there was a guy who walks in and starts doing bicep curls. He definitely looked like one of those guys who follow the Muscle and Fitness Bodybuilder workouts. He was definitely one of those guys that thought he was “big” because he had lots of muscle. He was definitely one of those guys that annoys me. BUT the best part of this story is what Ryan told me when we left, “So you know that guy who was doing all the bicep curls? I thought he was reading a Muscle and Fitness since it seemed like that is where he was drawing his workout from, but no…he wasn’t. He was reading a People magazine.”..For some reason this made me laugh…

“Fish meat is practically a vegetable”

Sometimes you feel like we are making progress – that Primal/Paleo is finally breaking into mainstream society. That people are losing their fear of fat and realizing just how bad whole grains and vegetable oils are for you.

And then all of a sudden an article comes out that dashes all your hopes.

Military men will now be served a “healthy” low-fat diet full of fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

Why, oh why, couldn’t it just be a healthy whole foods diet even? Why this low-fat crap!?!

Michelle Obama – I love the fact that you promote strength training and aren’t afraid to bust out push ups on the Ellen Show. I love the fact that you are dedicated to promoting health and wellness to children.

But why a low-fat diet?!?

I can’t seem to find the exact diet anywhere. And I can’t find out exactly whose recommendations this supposedly “healthy” military diet is based on.

Is it the USDA’s recommendations? Because I sincerely hope it isn’t. I mean their recommendations are awful.

Just look at this food pyramid for kids!

Ok…of course I hate the fact that grains are even listed on this pyramid, but may I also point out that tomatoes are a fruit, but listed under veggies. Also, corn is not a veggie! It is a grain!

Botanically speaking, corn is a caryopsis, or dry fruit — popularly known as a grain. (NY Times Corn: Vegetable, Fruit or Grain?)

Can I also point out that meat and beans aren’t equal in terms of protein so why are they listed together? Beans aren’t a complete protein. They actually only contain 3 of the essential amino acids that make up a complete protein – lysine, tryptophan, and methionine. Beans need to be eaten with grains to become complete…maybe it would be wiser to list them with grains than with meat…

Also, probably the thing that annoys me most on this chart is the fact that vegetable oil is listed on it!! AND it is listed by milk. This chart says that corn oil, soybean oil, vegetable oil and canola oil are good for you!

UHM HELLO!?! There have just been numerous studies published in mainstream media stating otherwise so how the heck does the USDA still have this on their pyramid? This is an interesting piece about how BAD for you veggie oils are for you! (P.S. I love the fact that this guy likes coconut oil!!!)

Ok I’m sorry…I just can’t believe this pyramid. Processed foods are on this list over things like fatty meats, butter and full fat cheeses.

Can I just ask why the government is so behind in its diet and exercise beliefs? Why is the government pushing antiquated nutritional standards onto our children and our military men and women!?!


(P.S. The title is a quote from my favorite meat-eating TV character Ron Swanson.)

The Push Up Craze Reaches ELLEN!?!

So Candy found this video of Ellen and Michelle Obama doing push ups. I was very amused even though I did want to tell them both that they needed to get lower! Chest to the ground ladies!

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