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Physical Fitness – Double Standards!?!

Today Ryan and I were watching a show about 9/11 Fireman.

It got me to thinking about the physical fitness test that firemen have to pass in order to be firemen.

It led to a discussion of the standards for firemen and policemen and whether or not the standards were easier for policemen, which led to a discussion of standards to enter the military. (I’m really really paraphrasing here because I don’t want people to get hung up on this part of our random conversation).

Anyway, we got on to military physical fitness standards and I started thinking about the fact that women and men are held to different standards.

And it actually bothered me that they are.

If we set a standard on what we believe a person needs to be able to do in order to protect our people and country, how can we then set a different standard that allows someone in who is weaker?

If we want the people who protect our country to be able to do 10 pull ups, how can we then say that it is “ok” for certain people, because of their sex, to only be able to do 1 chin up!?!

Don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe that regardless of sex people should be able to apply and perform any job for which they are qualified.

BUT if we believe that a certain standard of fitness is required for certain jobs, how can we truly set a double standard to supposedly accommodate more women?

I mean I’m slightly offend that we aren’t held to the same fitness standards! If I was going to join the military, I would freaking train my butt off to make sure I could attain all of the standards required of a male undergoing the test.

Sure if I’m applying to a desk job, maybe I should be held to a different standard (and maybe that is why women have lower fitness standards to join the miliary…) but seriously if someone is having to do a physical job that requires a certain amount of strength and endurance, HOW CAN THERE BE DIFFERENT STANDARDS!?!

P.S. I haven’t done a ton of research on this, but anyone know of any “firewomen?”

Pull ups NOT REQUIRED for female Marines!?!

Ok I do understand that pull ups are hard…I mean they really really SUCK.

I also understand that most women hate them and really struggle with them.

BUT for MARINE FEMALES to not be required to be able to do at least one!?! That is ridiculous.

An article called “Pull-ups for women? Not going to happen” states that, “A plan that would toughen the Physical Fitness Test for women by adding pull-ups has been put off indefinitely.”

My question is…why? Why aren’t women being required to perform an exercise which is a GREAT demonstration of upper body strength?

Because we can’t on average do as many as men? Because they are super hard?

Why are we simply not using pull ups as a test instead of TRAINING women to be able to do them!?!

Seriously, this is ridiculous! Pull ups are something I firmly believe that everyone…I repeat…EVERYONE should be able to do AT LEAST one of.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that the fitness standards for Marines should be that different that women aren’t even required to do pull ups AT ALL?

P.S. The picture is also incorrect. What she is actually doing is a chin up…..

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