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Elementary School Moves

So when writing up some new workouts, I began to think about all of the games we played in gym class…dodgeball, crab crawl soccer, scooter ball…just to name a few.

And I thought…why not include some of those moves!?! Remember when you used to swing from the monkey bar or do wheelbarrow races? Remember when you’d have to crab crawl around the gym and you considered it to be a GAME!?!

Those moves while super fun in elementary school were actually super good for you!

So now each of our workouts includes some element of elementary school play. And while it might not be as easy as it once was…it is still ridiculously “fun!”

So next time you want to work on shoulder strength, consider a wheelbarrow crawl. Or next time you work your core and upper back, consider a skin the cat.

Or what about climbing a rope? Remember when you used to climb up those poles on the playground?!? Not as easy as you remember it I’m sure!

There are so many great moves that we did as kids, but somewhere along the line we stop. And instead we start doing bicep curls and tricep¬†extensions, which honestly aren’t near as good for us or even half as functional.

So below is a great workout with some simple elementary school moves. Try it…it might be fun! (If you don’t have some of the stuff or understand what it is, feel free to email me at and I can either explain it or give you some substitutions!)


Warm up (make sure to get shoulders, glutes, back and core warm)

3 rounds (Rest in between each round or do with a partner for a relay):

Rope run and drag and then plank hinge and pull (Run down about 50ft and drag a 1.5 inch rope behind you until it is stretched out along the ground. Then go into a plank/table top crawl position facing the same way as the way you ran. Reach back between your legs and grab the rope. Sit your butt back to really get a good reach and then pull the rope through as far as you can, extending your hips as you pull. So you will go from about a plank position on the hands to almost a child’s pose still on the hands to really get a reach back and through. Pull the rope until it is completely piled in front of you and run it back.)

5 rounds:

Rope Climbs (can sub in inverted rows if you don’t have a rope…5 reps if you do it on a rope and 10 reps slowly if you do rows)
Crab Crawl 50ft forward and 50ft back (Crab crawl is with your hips facing the ceiling)

Crab crawls!

Crab crawls!

Skin the Cat (This is the move where you hold a pull up bar or monkey bar and swing your feet through over your head between your hands and all the way down toward the ground behind you. If this is too tough, simplify it by just first tucking the knees to the elbows and then next by doing a straight leg lift up to the bar) 8-12 reps

Rest and repeat for all rounds!

For our conditioning we actually played tug of war with a few stipulations to prevent injury.

You may be thinking…”Oh that isn’t a workout!”

But trust me….it really really was!

Push ups on the Playground

So the day after Thanksgiving, it is always nice to get in a bit of a workout. We took a nice long walk through the neighborhoods near us before heading to the playground to do some push ups and pull ups.

Ryan managed to show me up with 15 straight pull ups while yesterday I could only do 11 (and these are dead hang pull ups with no swing mind you). Drew managed to bust out 2 in the end (yay for rock climbing!).

The Man Bicep Mom was a bit too short to reach the bar…so I picked her up. She was so distracted by the fact that I just picked her up that she laughed instead of doing a pull up.

After the pull ups, we did some fun push ups around the park! Here are some pictures of them!

Drew doing a push up on me.

Another angle of Drew doing a push up on me

Bleacher push ups!

Slide Push Up by the Man Bicep Mom

And Ryan busting out the trash can push up.

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