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Show Me Yours – Anywhere, Anytime

So I got some great emails AND pictures this week.

One was from Lisa:

Hey Cori, so fun story…. I won my cornhole championship tonight and everyone was commenting on my biceps as I one-handedly drank the trophy of beer! (The trophy is heavy.) It spurred the thought to push-up drink from the trophy in the middle of the bar… The waitresses hated me…everyone else was amused. Someone asked about the story behind the ruckus… I said ” It’s for Man Bicep, a movement about breaking the taboos about women lifting weights, which I love to do.” Then I said… “Drinking beer is so much better inย  full decline push up position….just because I can.”. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lisa doing a very nice decline push up!

Two more great bicep pictures were submitted by Ada and Toni this past week.

The Toni Bicep! Love it! Keep up the weight training!

The Ada Bicep! A great way to build the bicep...PULL UPS!

Also, a BIG Happy Belated Birthday to Man Biceper Kristen who just recently started lifting weights.

Kristen stated recently, “I have really been enjoying what I’ve been doing thus far and feel great!ย  Tomorrow is my birthday and I feel better than I have in quite a few birthdays!”

Motivated now to workout? Try this workout of the week!!!

No Snow Angels just Snow Push ups!

That’s right…Man Bicepers even do push ups on mountain tops in snow.

Thank you Judy for these wonderful push up pictures! You and Libby are awesome!

Judy and her daughter Libby

Love it!

Push ups on the Playground

So the day after Thanksgiving, it is always nice to get in a bit of a workout. We took a nice long walk through the neighborhoods near us before heading to the playground to do some push ups and pull ups.

Ryan managed to show me up with 15 straight pull ups while yesterday I could only do 11 (and these are dead hang pull ups with no swing mind you). Drew managed to bust out 2 in the end (yay for rock climbing!).

The Man Bicep Mom was a bit too short to reach the bar…so I picked her up. She was so distracted by the fact that I just picked her up that she laughed instead of doing a pull up.

After the pull ups, we did some fun push ups around the park! Here are some pictures of them!

Drew doing a push up on me.

Another angle of Drew doing a push up on me

Bleacher push ups!

Slide Push Up by the Man Bicep Mom

And Ryan busting out the trash can push up.

I want a “Show Me Yours Shirt!”

You won’t ever guess how old Marilyn is…and I’m not telling!

Before we took a picture of her doing a push up, she performed some balancing move that was more impressive than the Crane. She bragged to us that strong men have tried and failed at this move (And trust me we all tried to do it to no avail!).

Thank you Marilyn for the push up picture taken behind our front desk! Soon you will be rocking out a Man Bicep t-shirt!

A Big Push Up Fairwell for Vesi!

Vesi you were one of the first Man Bicepers and we will miss you! You must come back and visit often!

Keep lifting and show your girls what being a strong, fit woman really is all about!

A very nice weighted push up! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Man Bicep Push Up Craze – Attempting The Impossible Push Up

Here are our first attempts at The Impossible. Try it!

Push ups everywhere even in the air!

So the Man Bicep Mom and my sister, Drew, sent me some wonderful push up pictures.

They did some primal push ups while hiking…

Drew doing a push up onto a log

The Man Bicep Mom busting out a push up on a log

And Drew took some more while she was rock climbing!

Thank you Man Bicep Mom and Drew!!!

Now…Where else can we bust out some push ups?

Push ups here, push ups there…push ups when you’re almost bare!

Lisa is the ONLY girl doing a push up outside in 31 degree weather in a bathing suit.

Thank you Lisa! We expect a new one from the Santa Speedo Run this year!

Thank you also for this picture from after your run! Nice handstand push up!

She may have bonked her head doing a full push up...but this is AMAZING!

And the Push Ups Continue…

Thank you Nancy for your push up in our lobby!

Look at that decline push up!

Man Bicep Push Up Craze!!!

Where do you do your push ups!?! Send us a picture for a Man Bicep t-shirt.

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