Push ups on the Playground

So the day after Thanksgiving, it is always nice to get in a bit of a workout. We took a nice long walk through the neighborhoods near us before heading to the playground to do some push ups and pull ups.

Ryan managed to show me up with 15 straight pull ups while yesterday I could only do 11 (and these are dead hang pull ups with no swing mind you). Drew managed to bust out 2 in the end (yay for rock climbing!).

The Man Bicep Mom was a bit too short to reach the bar…so I picked her up. She was so distracted by the fact that I just picked her up that she laughed instead of doing a pull up.

After the pull ups, we did some fun push ups around the park! Here are some pictures of them!

Drew doing a push up on me.

Another angle of Drew doing a push up on me

Bleacher push ups!

Slide Push Up by the Man Bicep Mom

And Ryan busting out the trash can push up.

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