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So these were a few random and interesting things from the past week. Some of the links to articles and research just provide more evidence that what I’ve been saying is RIGHT!

  • Interval Training – Small time commitment, great results! Look there is even an article in the NY Times about it!
  • There is no sacrificing on Primal!!! Have a sweet tooth? Than indulge in a little bit of HEALTHY dark chocolate!
  • Is a gluten-free diet good for you?  I think it is. But there are researchers that say a gluten-free diet is a waste of money for most people. Is it really? Or is it just that people fill the gluten void with other crap which is equally as bad?
  • Now you can relieve stress through exercise even at the airport!
  • People usually suggest that you don’t eat close to when you are going to go to bed if you want to lose weight. BUT consuming protein right before you go to sleep may actually help with post workout recovery, which means more muscle synthesis. So maybe you want to eat before bed!
  • Ever had someone tell you that skipping meals, especially breakfast, is bad for you? Well, skipping meals may actually help protect against brain diseases.
  • Want better sex? Lift and eat meat!

Everyone wants to show off their man biceps!

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