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The good, the bad and the simply stupid

When I was doing my low-fat diet a few years ago, Ryan and I would watch Man vs. Food and plan out our next cheat. Our meals simply weren’t satisfying. We actually watched a ton of food shows or “food porn” as many of us call them.

Right now Jamie, Tucker, and baby Cooper! are watching Man vs. Food. They just showed a huge Cinnamon Roll and I have to say, my belly started hurting just looking at the 3 pound monstrosity. WOW! What a difference between my current diet and my previous low-fat one! I’m pretty much ALWAYS satisfied!

Welcome home baby Cooper! Congrats Jamie and Tucker!

The Good

  • You CAN eat pretty healthily even if you eat out. Here are a few of our quick and easy meals out since coming to Cali.

    Homemade corn tortilla tacos (steak shrimp, carnitas) and a protein style hamburger. LETTUCE BUN!

  • See I’m not the only one that claims you can eat healthy on a budget!
  • I also thought it was cool to see a number of recent articles and posts against vegetable oils and in favor of cooking with natural fats!
  • An interesting article especially for any trainers out there – what and how we can motivate people to exercise!

The Bad

  • Uhm seriously!?! We need to adopt a vegetarian diet or we will face a food shortage crisis!?! HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA!
  • So Statins really don’t have any benefit…Yet half of our nation is taking them….(This article is good…the whole fact that it even needs to be written is bad.)

The Simply Stupid

  • So Sunday night Ryan and I ate pizza for the first time in over two months. Right now we are living with cats and I’ve had problems with allergies and cats in the past. I haven’t had any trouble with allergies while I’ve eaten Primally. BUT Monday after the pizza, not only did I feel swollen, dehydrated and sick, I also had ALLERGIES. Of course a return to my version of Primal got rid of them quickly, but still the whole experience was eye-opening. The reason this whole story is under stupid is because many people are too lazy or stupid to go without gluten for any extended period of time and see if they feel better without it. I guarantee they will! Health issues they just accepted before, like allergies, may just go away!!!
  • READ THE INGREDIENT LABELS PEOPLE!!!!! Soybean oil and other crap is hidden in random products. You may have gone Primal, but if you are still eating some of these products laden with hidden gluten and vegetable oil, you may not be reaping all of the benefits! Check your spices even! Some may not be simply the herb or spice!

Eating Well Out

One of the most common excuses I hear as to why people can’t stick to a diet is because they are traveling to much or just don’t have the time to cook.

Please skip the croutons and the sundaes…unless you’re planning to cheat!

While I think it is always possible to be able to prepare quick and easy meals that you can take with you, you can also ALWAYS find a fairly decent Primal option on any restaurant menu.

Ryan and I packed up all of our kitchen stuff and had to eat out for about a week while we were moving.

We didn’t have to sacrifice our diet though just because we ate out. For example, when a friend invited us to sushi, we went and got sashimi.


Honestly, eating out is just AN EXCUSE to not eat well.

For one, there is almost always some MEAT option on the menu. There is usually some chicken option even if you have to ask for the sauce on the side. You can even get a burger and take off the bun. Yea so the meat won’t be grass-fed, but still….it isn’t fried or carb-laden! AND you don’t have to get the carb-laden side! You can get a side of veggies or skip the sides all together if there aren’t any great options.

Secondly, there is almost always a SALAD option on the menu. Most places have some sort of vinaigrette or will supply you with vinegar and oil. And you don’t need to eat the croutons even if they are included!

There is always a way to get something healthy when you are eating out. Sometimes you do have to ask for a slight special request, which can feel awkward, but is worth it if you are eating out often!

No, most meals we get at restaurants won’t be perfect, but they also don’t have to ruin your health or set back your weight loss like totally cheating would.

PLUS, if you can choose a place, you CAN select places that have HEALTHIER options. There are places out there that offer PERFECTLY PRIMAL dishes.

When friends ask me to eat out, if it isn’t a cheat day, I choose a place that has delicious options that will satisfy me and allow me to eat healthily.

If I don’t choose the place, I will try to at least look at the menu before I go so I know my options and won’t be tempted by seeing all of the bad foods there when I’m super hungry.

I mean is it really that much effort to plan ahead?

Isn’t it worth it?

Saying you can’t eat well when you eat out is just an excuse – it is just a way for you to LET YOURSELF GIVE IN.

If you WANT to eat well, you will find a way. Go to a restaurant with a game plan and I guarantee you will always be able to find something that allows you to stick to your diet and feel satisfied!

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