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Fitness gifts…Good idea?

This product is not Man Bicep approved.

As long as you skip the Shake Weight and Sketchers Shape Ups, there are some great fitness gifts out there.

One year, I got Ryan Bowflex dumbbells, which were a great idea aside from the fact that I ended up with bruises trying to get the two 52lbs dumbbells up three flights of stairs (and hide them so they would be a surprise).

Here are 10 fitness gifts that I love:

1. TRX Suspension Training

2. Pull Up bar

3. Kettlebells

4. P90x DVDs

5. Personal Training Sessions

6. The Primal Blueprint

7. Bowflex Dumbbells

8. Resistance bands

9. Yoga mat

10. FOAM ROLLER!!!!!

Please just don’t get any of the products on this website!!

Shake Weight, Free Flexor and Tug Toner? HAHA

Have you ever seen the Shake Weight commercials and thought (while laughing), “That it is just so ridiculous and looks  so sexual”?

I hope your answer is yes, but if you haven’t…at least half of the world has. South Park even has a whole episode about how sexual the Shake Weight is.

BUT despite the fact that the Shake Weight is SO FREAKING RIDICULOUS, it has actually done very well. The Shake Weight made $40 million in revenue by August 2010.

It has done so well in fact that someone else has decided to make a new piece of sexual workout equipment…

The Free Flexor.

I’m speechless…who the heck actually buys these things? I would say that people are only buying them as gag gifts for friends, but $40 million in sales states otherwise.

At least some people see the humor in these products. I love this bit by Jimmy Kimmel.

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