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Vitamin D – Is a Supplement Enough?

Vitamin D has gotten a lot more publicity in recent years as a MUST TAKE supplement.

It is key for mineral absorption, especially the absorption of Calcium, which means strong bones!

Research has also shown that Vitamin D may help protect us against osteoporosis, high blood pressure, cancer and a few autoimmune diseases.

The vitamin plays a huge role in cell growth, neuromuscular and immune function and the reduction of inflammation (which means less risk for disease and better overall health!).

So because we’ve discovered how incredibly important Vitamin D is to our health (and the fact that most of the population is DEFICIENT in it), everyone and their mother’s uncle recommends that you take a supplement to get enough.

But is that supplement really as good as natural sources?

Even the bottle boosts its health benefits.

Even the bottle boosts its health benefits.

Yes and no….boy I bet you love that answer!

Yes because it is Vitamin D that our body can use. It is the vitamin that we need and we can get it in the doses that we need. And the supplement does work as well as the natural source.

But a slightly bigger NO not because of the supplement itself, but because of what it means if you actually NEED the supplement.

We should get Vitamin D from foods, such as fish and eggs, and from sunlight.

We should be eating enough whole natural foods and getting in enough outdoors time that we get plenty of sun (it really only takes 20-30 minutes).

For many of us though this isn’t as easy as it would seem. So we turn to a supplement.

Which if we are trying to eat well and be active, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I know in Boston it was SUPER HARD to get in a proper allotment of sun each day. BUT I still ate super clean and did what I could do get outside when I could.

So to make sure I got enough Vitamin D, I took a supplement.

BUT I didn’t use a supplement to excuse a bad diet and inactivity.

Let’s face it…If you eat crap, don’t go outside and have fun and be active, then you aren’t going to be healthy no matter how many supplements you take.

So yes…a supplement can be great if you have a healthy base and really try to get as much natural Vitamin D as you can, BUT no it isn’t good if you supplement while still living the same crappy lifestyle.

Because honestly….there is so much more than Vitamin D that you are missing out on if you eat crap, are inactive and never go outside and play!

I mean think about it…If you are eating crap food, not only are you not getting enough Vitamin D, as well as other essential vitamins and minerals, but you are also getting a TON of bad for you, inflammation causing crap like vegetable oils and added sugars.

And if you aren’t going out in the sun every day not only aren’t you getting Vitamin D, but you aren’t getting a lot of the benefits that usually go along with an active outdoor lifestyle.

Let’s face it…people who usually get out in the sun every day are the same people who are more active and an active lifestyle has health benefits like improving your cardiovascular health and bone density.

On top of that, being out in the sun can really really improve your mood.

Stressed? In a bad mood?

Maybe getting a bit more outdoor time is the answer.

So to sum all of this up…YES a supplement can be a very good way to help you get adequate amounts of Vitamin D, but NO it is not a magic pill.

If you want to be truly healthy, you need to do all that you can to get Vitamin D from natural sources – healthy food and sunlight.

Vitamin D supplementation is something that you turn to only when you can’t hit the required amount while doing your best to live a healthy lifestyle.

The good, the bad and the simply stupid

So I’m not trying to brag, but I feel better after 16 hours of spin than I do after one of my own tough 30 minute lifts.

My taking-on-16-hours-of-spin face!

Honestly, no muscles are sore or even really tight. The ONLY pain I have besides a slightly bruised crouch is one knee that doesn’t like going up and down stairs too much.

Be it the ice bath, my diet with no gluten or my workouts (or all three combined), I feel perfectly normal today…just like I do after any other week of working out.

Anyway, all I can say is you definitely don’t need to carb load with crap gels and gluten to survive endurance cardio!

The Good

  • Ice baths are amazing! They really do aid in muscle recovery. AND Tim Ferriss has done the research, and found the science to prove that ice baths may also help you lose fat!
  • Get a healthy dose of Vitamin D! This just shows how important going out in the sun is! We all fear skin cancer, but some sun is good! And of course if you can’t get sun, you can always take a supplement! BUT anyone else seem to feel WAY BETTER when they’ve gotten some sun? I definitely do!
  • Cool?!? Good news for me I guess! What do you think?
  • I’m glad the FDA didn’t let them call high fructose corn syrup “corn sugar!”
  • Thank you Therese for taking up the challenge of trying something new! Great job with the monkey bars!
  • These are not easy and Therese is killing it!

  • Our Jump Rope Slide is done!

The Bad

  • Caffeine is not an alternative to sleep people! I’ve seen too many people over the last couple of days guzzle down espresso shots and Red Bull rather than sleeping enough. I know it is hard to get enough sleep sometimes, but seriously nothing is more important! Your body recovers and rebuilds when you sleep!!! So stop drinking your Starbucks bazillion shot coffees and Red Bulls and instead go to bed!

The Simply Stupid

  • Is this really an article on WebMD?
  • There is this girl on saying she can give you flat abs in 3 days. How are people this stupid!?!
  • This honestly sounds like something a client has said to me at some point…

And lastly, Happy Father’s Day people! All you Dad’s out there who are reading this…you better be supporting your women and making sure they lift heavy!!!

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