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When Pain Doesn’t Mean You Should Skip Your Workout

Rest when you have injuries is super important.

And time off may be just want your body needs.

HOWEVER, sometimes just sitting on your butt and not working out can cause your injuries and aches and pains to become worse and last way longer than they should.

Recovery isn’t all about time-off.

It is also about doing the correct things to increase, mobility, flexibility and stability to help the body become stronger and more balanced.

trigger point exercises

You can’t just “take it easy” on your ankle, or knee or hip the rest of your life! You can just “rest” ever day all day.

No, life requires you to move around.

And if you don’t rehab the injury, if you just rest until it “feels better,” you are going to end up re-injuring it very quickly OR have to live with never being able to return to your previous activity level.

Seriously…Who wants to be limited the rest of their life!?!


That is why I’ve written a ton of posts about activation, stretching and foam rolling exercises.

You’ve got to STRENGTHEN the muscles around the injured area and CORRECT any imbalances.

So in case you’ve just been resting your injury and haven’t done any rehab, check out these articles this weekend and GET STARTED TODAY!

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Being a Butthead and a Quad Killing Squat Workout!

There are definitely times when we go against our better judgement and do a workout we know we shouldn’t – when we push ourselves harder than we know we should.

Like when we haven’t worked out for weeks….We all know we should go a bit lighter to ease back in.

Or when our nutrition hasn’t been on point and we know we won’t be able to push as hard but we still do.

And then we suffer the consequences.


And I’m not talking about a little bit of soreness the day after…I’m talking about debilitating soreness for the entire week after.


If you do that, you are a butthead.

And I…I am a butthead!

I am a butthead because I decide to do a heavy leg day on Monday and go heavier than I’d ever gone before.

Because even though I knew¬†I hadn’t done a heavy leg day in about 3 1/2 weeks, even though my nutrition was just getting back on track after a week of vacation, even though my sleep was just getting back on track and my stress level was elevated after about two weeks away from work, I felt good when I started my workout so why not take advantage and push it right!?!


My body wasn’t ready to handle the stress of such an intense workout and now I’m still not able to walk like a human without super intense focus and pain.

And this isn’t something I’m proud of. I’m actually angry at myself because I ignored all the sides and pushed my body beyond what it was ready to do and now my workouts have been thrown off for the entire week.

By being cocky and stupid, I’ve hindered my own results. For what? For a little bit more weight!?!


This is one of those few times where I will say, “Do as I say, not as I did!”

Don’t be stupid.

If you are coming back from time off, remember your body will not be ready to handle the load EVEN if it feels like you could push harder during your workout. BUT remember you are building so that you can get back on track. You don’t want to make yourself so sore that you can’t get back into your workout routine!

Same goes for diet. Whenever you have changed your diet, remember your body may not have the energy to push as hard as you would like. And it may not recover as quickly especially if your nutrition hasn’t been on point.

BE PATIENT! Ease yourself back into things and you will find you actually get results faster!

Anyway, that is my little rant about my own stupidity and why you shouldn’t do the same.

Don’t let cockiness get in the way. BE SMART and EASE YOURSELF BACK INTO YOUR ROUTINE!

And in case you want a quad killing workout (but one that shouldn’t incapacitate you the entire week), try the one that murdered me on Monday…Just use an appropriate weight or even start with bodyweight!

Quad Killer

Roll out and dynamically stretch
Calves, hamstrings, quads, hips, glutes, low back, core and thoracic spine


Front Squats:
goblet squat
1 minute on, 1 minute off for 5 rounds
I like to pyramid down. I start with the heaviest weight I can handle and must complete at least 20 reps. If I don’t, I drop to the next weight. I stay at that weight for as many rounds as possible as long as I complete 20 reps in the minute. I drop down as needed, completing all 5 rounds. If this is your first time, START LIGHT and focus on completing more reps instead of doing more weight. I also like to use kettlebells for the front squats although you will find you are limited by how much your upper body and core can handle (which isn’t a bad thing!!!)

4 rounds:
10 reps each side Single Leg Squats (Can squat to bench if a beginner. Can use TRX or XT to advance)
10 reps each side Walking Lunges with weight (keep your chest up tall and do not swing the weights. Step from one lunge into the next lunge, driving off your front heel)
20 reps Jump Squats

Stretch and roll out quads, calves, hips, hamstrings and any other tight spots.


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