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Don’t Be Embarrassed

“I don’t like lifting weights on my own because I’m embarrassed.”

“I won’t do that exercise because it’s embarrassing.”

I’ve literally had clients refuse to do certain exercises because they deem them to be embarrassing.


For one, why do you care what anyone else thinks?

Two, if a trainer is having you do it, it is a worthwhile exercise! AND probably anyone who is watching you is thinking to themselves, “I should do that exercise. It looks hard!”

Three, do you really think people are more concerned with watching you than doing their own workouts?

AND FOUR, have you seen some of the DUMB things that people do that they think don’t look dumb?


Do you really think any of us look GOOD while working out?

HA! I most definitely don’t!

I look like a drowned rat. Or like I’m about to puke. Or both.

But aside from all of those reasons listed above…

Who really cares what anyone else thinks? You are there to get in a workout. To drip sweat, get out of breath and work as hard as you can. It isn’t a beauty pageant.

It’s what you do so that you can be healthy and beautiful and DO a beauty pageant. 😉

So next time you think about skipping the weight room floor or that exercise your trainer showed you, DON’T. Remind yourself of everything listed here. Or maybe just think about the fact that you should be more embarrassed by the fact that you were too chicken to do something you knew was good for you.

Up to you…I think I’ll just keep looking ridiculous…like a drowned rat about to puke.

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