Why would you want to lift heavy?

So last night I met with one of my clients, Juliana, who also does my lifting class.

Juliana has gotten super into the lifting and has grown by leaps and bounds. Her movement patterns have improved and she is now lifting human beings! 🙂

She seems to enjoy the lifting and seems to like the way she looks!

But then this week, a situation that has happened to almost all of us female lifters, occurred. It is a conversation that can scare off many beginning female lifters.

The “you don’t want to get bulky do you” conversation. Juliana had two people start-up that conversation.

Luckily I didn’t even have to convince her that they were wrong! She already knew what she was doing was right!

Lifting heavy won’t make you bulky people!!!!! COME ON!

Having extra fat is what makes you “bulky.” Eating crap so that you have bad body composition is what makes you “bulky.”

Not leaned toned muscle mass!

I’ve gained about 17 pounds in the last two years. I still wear the same clothes I wore when I was 17 pounds lighter. Actually some don’t fit as well now because I’ve shrunk in certain areas…like my waist. I’ve shrunk because I’ve lost FAT. I haven’t become any bigger by adding muscle because I cut off the fat that was previously holding its spot!

If you don’t believe me because you know I’m biased, take a look at this Women’s Health Magazine article! Mainstream media even agrees that lifting heavy is good for you! (Of course as I go to post this and click on their link from Facebook it says “Page not found”….Maybe I shouldn’t yet think so highly of mainstream media!)

BUT here is a quote from what was up there.

Lift Heavier Weights! A recent study showed that women who lifted a challenging weight for eight reps burned nearly twice as many calories as women who knocked out 15 reps with lighter dumbbells.

See burn more fat and look LESS bulky by lifting heavy weights!

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  1. I am really sensitive about this point myself. Since I began “lifting heavy” in March, I have gained 10 pounds. Now I am pretty sure it’s 10 pounds of muscle, but when I tell someone I’ve gained they always say “Oh so your clothes must fit better at least”. Well they don’t fit better. In fact, I’ve had to buy all new pants because my quads / bum don’t fit into my old ones anymore. So for women who start out thin, lifting heavy *may* just make you bigger! I imagine diet factors in as well – I certainly don’t count calories, but I also don’t eat very high carbs other than vegetables and very occasional fruit. I imagine if I were happy feeling hungry all the time, I could trim a bit, but why the heck would I want to do that 🙂

    • haha ok my pants are definitely tighter in the legs because I had no butt before and now have a butt! YAY! So yes some areas do become bigger. BUT I would say my figure is better now than previously.

      Most of the time gaining muscle is associated with looking more masculine, but gaining muscle definitely doesn’t do that!


  2. haha, agreed. my bf would kill me if i starved myself because i am NO FUN to be around when I am underfed (plus he’s not complaining about the new muscles, so that’s a plus!)

  3. Great post. I can so relate with you because I’ve gained 12 lbs. in the past ten months and my clothes are the same size yet fit totally different. I’ve experienced nice body recomposition from lifting heavy. The waists are looser than before and all the pants are tighter because I actually have a butt now. I’m eating to support my daily activity and definitely not starving myself like so many times before when I tried to get into better shape. Lifting heavy has given me so much more than a nicer physique – I have way more self-confidence and feel very empowered. Love this site!!

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