Don’t say “I can’t” unless you’ve tried!

So today when I went to start my workout, I brought out the weight vest for one of the exercises.

Brian then goes to me, “Why don’t you wear the weight vest for the entire thing?”

I looked at him like he had two heads.

Uhm wear the weight vests for all those exercises that are already ridiculously hard without any extra weight?!?!

UHM was he crazy!?!

I just looked at him. And I said, “I can’t.”

And he gave me a look like “if you don’t do this you’re a wimp.”

So I did it. I did the entire freaking workout with a weight vest and I’ve never wanted to die more.

Actually I think it was the fact that I uttered the words “I can’t” more than his look that got me to do it and made me push all the way through.

I can’t believe I uttered those words! I’d never attempted most of those exercises with a weight vest before so how did I know I couldn’t do them!?!

I didn’t know!!!!

And that is why I hate those words!

If you haven’t tried something, you don’t KNOW if you can or can’t do it!

So don’t EVER say you can’t do something before you’ve tried it!

And the worst part about all of this is…Most of the time when you say “I can’t,” you actually CAN!

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  1. I hate when i say those words too….because technically they aren’t true. “I don’t want to” is usually what I mean when I say “can’t”. People often use the “i can’t” as an excuse to even try! And it goes with so many aspects of our life!

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