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Pull Ups, Rows, Squats and Booty Building

Over the last few weeks, I’ve written some great posts on Redefining Strength covering the differences between Inverted Rows and Pull Ups as well as posts on Squat Variations and workouts to build and strengthen your glutes.

Here are some quick summaries of the articles as well as links if you are looking for something fun to read this weekend to help you change up your workouts next week! (Or well “fun” if you happen to be a fitness nerd haha)

1. Booty Burners – So I’m OBSESSED with glute activation and strengthening and toning your glutes. Weird? Maybe. But I personally believe they are the reason many of us suffer from pain and the reason many of us can’t lift as much as we would like. I also think “Heck yea..Who doesn’t want a freaking amazing ass!?!”


Anyway, I love glute work. And I think it is super important. Active glutes are strong glutes. They are sexy glutes. And they help make sure that the correct muscles are working so that muscles that can’t handle the load, like your hips and low back, don’t take over and get injured.

That is why I created Booty Burner Workouts. These workouts activate, strength and tone your glutes. And the best part is they are quick and easy and you can do them easily at home.

So if you happen to like working those butt cheeks, check out this Booty Burner Workout post.

2. The Pull Up vs. The Inverted Row – I was talking to a new trainer about pulling and pushing in different planes of motion and we got into discussing the difference between Horizontal Pulls and Vertical Pulls. This lead to us discussing the differences between Pull Ups (vertical pull) and Inverted Rows (horizontal pull).

the pull up vs. the inverted row

But not only did we discuss the differences. We also discussed how Inverted Rows can be used to build your Pull Ups even though they are a horizontal pull instead of a vertical pull.

Click here for more information about each move and some fun Inverted Row and Pull Up Variations!

3. Squat Variations – Squats are a great compound exercise to work your legs and core. But as much as even I love heavy barbell back squats, they can get a bit boring. Plus sometimes you have specific things/muscles you want to target, but you don’t necessarily want to skip your squat day.

That is why it is important to mix up the type of squat you do.


Want to work your core more? Try a front-loaded squat.

Want to build core stability? Try a unilaterally loaded squat.

Want to correct imbalances, work each leg independently and even improve your balance and core strength? Try a Single Leg Squat.

Want to target your inner thighs more? Want to target your glutes more? Want to get your heart rate up?


Here are 30 Squat Variations to check out.

Hope everyone had a great week!

Do you use any of these moves? What are your workout plans for next week!?!

For more information….

Hope everyone had a great week.

I asked these question of a few of my clients the other day and I would like you all to consider them too:

Are you celebrating little victories? What is one thing you are proud of from this week?

(Comment below and help inspire others to celebrate their little victories!)

reach your goal

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Don’t say “I can’t” unless you’ve tried!

So today when I went to start my workout, I brought out the weight vest for one of the exercises.

Brian then goes to me, “Why don’t you wear the weight vest for the entire thing?”

I looked at him like he had two heads.

Uhm wear the weight vests for all those exercises that are already ridiculously hard without any extra weight?!?!

UHM was he crazy!?!

I just looked at him. And I said, “I can’t.”

And he gave me a look like “if you don’t do this you’re a wimp.”

So I did it. I did the entire freaking workout with a weight vest and I’ve never wanted to die more.

Actually I think it was the fact that I uttered the words “I can’t” more than his look that got me to do it and made me push all the way through.

I can’t believe I uttered those words! I’d never attempted most of those exercises with a weight vest before so how did I know I couldn’t do them!?!

I didn’t know!!!!

And that is why I hate those words!

If you haven’t tried something, you don’t KNOW if you can or can’t do it!

So don’t EVER say you can’t do something before you’ve tried it!

And the worst part about all of this is…Most of the time when you say “I can’t,” you actually CAN!

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