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What I hear when you say I CAN’T

I don’t mind complaining. I don’t mind whining….As long as you try!

But I can’t stand when someone says I can’t.

Because when you say “I CAN’T” all I hear is – I DON’T WANT TO TRY.


Yup…”I can’t” really just means you don’t want to try.

And don’t start making excuses about how that isn’t the case…Because it is.

Most of the time we don’t say “I can’t” if we’ve worked really hard and given it all we’ve got and things just don’t work out. Then we say “I tried,” or “It doesn’t work.”

Not “I can’t.”

“I can’t” is just us giving up. It is us saying our goals really aren’t worth trying.

It is basically us making up an excuse to keep failing at reaching our goal.

It is you telling me that I am wasting my time helping you because you¬†are never going to accomplish your goals because you don’t have the right mindset.

Harsh…Yea a little. But true.

You are also wasting your OWN time working toward something if every time you encounter a problem or hurdle you say “I can’t.”

So what advice can I give you? Decide if your goals are worth risking failure! Because results come when you put yourself in uncomfortable situations and do things you don’t normally do.

And honestly¬†what is really the worst thing that can happen if you TRY? You fail? It doesn’t work and you’re still stuck at the same spot you’re in now?

Well, you definitely won’t move forward if you don’t give it a shot and instead just keep doing the same old things.

Because you can’t expect a different result doing the same old things.

So why not at least TRY!?!

Why say “I can’t” before you’ve even given it a shot? If you really want to reach your goals, you’ve got to be willing to TRY NEW THINGS THAT YOU AREN’T COMFORTABLE WITH!

So next time you think about saying “I can’t” consider what you really mean. Is it really that you “can’t” or is it more that you don’t want to or are scared to try and fail?

Don’t say “I can’t” unless you’ve tried!

So today when I went to start my workout, I brought out the weight vest for one of the exercises.

Brian then goes to me, “Why don’t you wear the weight vest for the entire thing?”

I looked at him like he had two heads.

Uhm wear the weight vests for all those exercises that are already ridiculously hard without any extra weight?!?!

UHM was he crazy!?!

I just looked at him. And I said, “I can’t.”

And he gave me a look like “if you don’t do this you’re a wimp.”

So I did it. I did the entire freaking workout with a weight vest and I’ve never wanted to die more.

Actually I think it was the fact that I uttered the words “I can’t” more than his look that got me to do it and made me push all the way through.

I can’t believe I uttered those words! I’d never attempted most of those exercises with a weight vest before so how did I know I couldn’t do them!?!

I didn’t know!!!!

And that is why I hate those words!

If you haven’t tried something, you don’t KNOW if you can or can’t do it!

So don’t EVER say you can’t do something before you’ve tried it!

And the worst part about all of this is…Most of the time when you say “I can’t,” you actually CAN!

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