The Sled

If you’ve ever pushed or pulled a sled, you know it is perfectly wonderful torture.

Tonight Ryan came in to the gym for a workout and I started our workout out with a sled pull (pull the sled toward you by pulling a long rope in) and then pushing it back to the starting position. (This was made even more torturous by the fact that you then had to bear crawl backwards back to the beginning.)

BUT tonight I’m not going to discuss how torturous the bear crawl was. I’m going to discuss the torture and the benefit of pushing and pulling a sled.

If you want to develop strength and power in your legs, you should be doing sled pushes. If you want to strengthen your core and your upper body, you should be doing sled pushes. Sled pulls are great too for the upper body, core and even the legs.

The sled helps you develop POWER and STRENGTH. AND it also helps you develop great ACCELERATION and SPEED.

Corey, one of the owners and trainers at Innovative Results, posted this article about sled training to our Facebook group a few weeks back and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

It is a very functional tool that can work your entire body.

So why aren’t you doing workouts with the sled?!?!

Add this circuit into your next routine:

5 rounds with a challenging weight on the sled:

Sled pull toward you for 20 ft.

Sled pull

Push it back to the starting position (20ft)
Then bear crawl backwards to your starting position at the rope (20ft)

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