Isometric Moves – Include Them In Your Workout

I’ve written before about how much I love isometric moves.

isometric exercises

Holding an exercise is not only a great way to develop physical stability and strength but also a great way to develop mental toughness.

They can be a great workout on their own or they can be used to help you warm everything up and get the correct muscles activated.

Isometric moves are essential for everyone from the elite athlete to the person stuck at their desk for nine hours a day.

They help create stability and get the correct muscles activated. They can also help us create mobility and flexibility all while making us stronger.

For some great isometric moves and some workouts do to with them, check out the two links below:

10 Isometric Moves and a great Isometric Workout

Recovery Workout 

Also, if you caught my post on Thursday about stretches to alleviate desk job aches and pains, you may also want to check out my post on Redefining Strength about ESSENTIAL isometric moves for anyone with a desk job!

Single Leg Deadlift Hold

Isometric Moves You NEED To Do If You Have A Desk Job

Isometric moves are also a great way to get in a workout over the holidays if you don’t have any equipment and very little space to work with!

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