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Recovery Workout

Often when I say a day is a “recovery” day, they think it means easy and worthless.

But recovery doesn’t mean easy and it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! And it doesn’t even mean simply taking the day off.

Recovery can be active!

No recovery workouts may not be the most challenging thing you’ve ever done and no it won’t make you want to pass out and puke, but it may be even more important to your progress than any of your super challenging workouts.

Recovery workouts improve your mobility and stability to help you build a strong base so that you can lift more and work harder during your intense training sessions.

Below is one of our Recovery Workouts to make your body feel better and move better!

Recovery Workout


Roll out and stretch.
Here are some of our favorite stretches.


Do both circuits below.

Set a timer for 5 minutes for the first circuit. Work at 60-75% of your maximum effort.

Locomotion – Jog, shuffle, carioca, skip, backpedal, butt kickers, crawl…Move around at a steady, consistent pace.

Then grab some water and move on to Circuit #2.

Complete 3-5 rounds of the circuit below. Hold each pose for 30-45 seconds. Rest as needed between rounds.

Warrior III
Scapular Wall Hold
Handstand Hold
Crescent Pose
Table Top Bridge

Roll out and stretch.
Here are our favorite foam rolling moves…Especially if you have a desk job!

What is your favorite active recovery workout? How do you keep your body mobile and healthy?

SIDE NOTE: We love our barrels! Here are some great exercises you can do with this random awkward piece of equipment!

Everyone Needs To Do Isometric Workouts

I know I’ve written a lot about Isometric workouts over the last few months, but they truly are one of the most under utilized tools out there.

They are great to improve balance, stability, coordination and the mind-body connection. They can help prevent and even rehab injuries. They can reduce pain throughout your body. They can help get muscles activated so you can lift more.

Heck they can even make you mentally stronger.

They are great for recover and great to help you improve your strength.

Basically no matter who you are, you need to include them.

Maybe you make them into their own workout or maybe you simply include them in a workout or even a warm up.

Isometric moves help your body activate the correct muscles and even help improve your mobility. Plus they help create stability in your body so you can LIFT MORE without injury.

Below is a Quick Isometric Workout to reduce your pain and injury and help you get more out of your workouts!

isometric exercises

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Isometric Moves – Include Them In Your Workout

I’ve written before about how much I love isometric moves.

isometric exercises

Holding an exercise is not only a great way to develop physical stability and strength but also a great way to develop mental toughness.

They can be a great workout on their own or they can be used to help you warm everything up and get the correct muscles activated.

Isometric moves are essential for everyone from the elite athlete to the person stuck at their desk for nine hours a day.

They help create stability and get the correct muscles activated. They can also help us create mobility and flexibility all while making us stronger.

For some great isometric moves and some workouts do to with them, check out the two links below:

10 Isometric Moves and a great Isometric Workout

Recovery Workout 

Also, if you caught my post on Thursday about stretches to alleviate desk job aches and pains, you may also want to check out my post on Redefining Strength about ESSENTIAL isometric moves for anyone with a desk job!

Single Leg Deadlift Hold

Isometric Moves You NEED To Do If You Have A Desk Job

Isometric moves are also a great way to get in a workout over the holidays if you don’t have any equipment and very little space to work with!

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