What should truly be our goal?

While many people come in with weight loss goals or even performance goal, the true goal of a workout program is to make you FEEL better.

Your workouts should help you prevent injury. They should help you feel stronger, more coordinated and ready to take on daily life.

They should help your body stay young so that at 80 you still feel free to move around and chase after grandkids.

Last week I discussed the importance of agility and balance training to improve our mind-body connection and help us move WELL.

Today I want I just want to harp on the importance of ACTIVATION exercises.

Any good program needs to start with mobility work. But many people are now starting to recognize this.

However, all too often exercise routines are still devoid of activation exercises.

Activation exercises are important because they get the CORRECT muscle groups working.

Muscles that aren’t always active because we sit at a desk 9 hours a day hunched over a computer.

Our poor hunched-over-a-desk-all-day posture causes us to sometimes overuse smaller muscle that shouldn’t be doing the brunt of the work…And this leads to injury.

So to truly feel good, prevent injury and get the most out of your workouts, you’ve got to get those big muscle groups active and working.

And since many people have also said they want to be able to do a pull up this year…..

Here is an ESSENTIAL activation move we all need to be doing – THE SCAPULAR WALL HOLD!

This move will help alleviate neck and shoulder pain. It will get your lats and your mid and lower traps activated and working.

It will help you have better posture AND do more pull ups!

For a breakdown of the Scapular Wall Hold and a few other scapular hold variations, click here!

bat wing

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