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Age is an Attitude

Stop telling me you can’t do something because you are “x” amount of years old.

We’ve all heard the saying that “Age is just a number.”

But age is more than that….It is an attitude.

Our bodies and minds can be “old” or “young” at any age. It just depends on our attitude toward life and our desire and drive to stay young and active.

Just think about all of the Olympic athletes competing, and even WINNING, when they are supposedly old for the sport.

While yes, as we age our body does go through changes, we never have to FEEL old.¬†We never have to have pain and injury sideline us so that we can’t enjoy life as we once did.



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Surrendering to Aging

I’ve heard “older” women say, “My body just can’t look like that or do that any more. I’m just past the point of being able to have the body I want.”

That is completely and utterly bogus.

Why just surrender to the aging process? Why not work against it?

I mean people buy all those stupid face creams and get plastic surgery so why would they workout hard to help keep their body young and supple?

Yea, it’s hard.


You can have the body you want at any age. Getting older doesn’t mean you can’t have toned defined arms. Getting older doesn’t have to mean that you can’t do all the activities you love and enjoy!

The Man Bicep Mom is a great example of this. She lifts weights and does plyometrics. She goes on long hikes. She even sprints after her dog if necessary and goes stand up paddling. She has no problem taking on any new challenges! (Even if I ask her to do pull ups!)

She also looks great! She looks young, lean and toned.

The Man Bicep Mom is the exact reason that you can’t just surrender to aging, people!

You can also look great and be physically fit at any age!

Actually this post was encouraged by a recent story the Man Bicep Mom told me.

The Man Bicep Mom was standing in her driveway with one of her friends when Charlie, her dog, ran off. The Man Bicep Mom went sprinting after him and grabbed him and picked him up.

When she was walking back, her friend says, “Oh my gosh, Jamie! Your arms look amazing!”

The Man Bicep Mom then told her friend about all the weights she does.

Her friend says, “Well I used to have muscle, but since having my last child, I just have lost all tone. I just figured I would have to accept it since I was getting older. But I used to have tone like that!”

Of course what the Man Bicep Mom’s friend also didn’t realize is that the Man Bicep Mom is older than her.

Her friend was actually shocked and couldn’t believe that the Man Bicep Mom was 62. She even said she didn’t think that there was any way you could look that good at 62.


If you commit to a healthy diet and workout routine, you can have the body you want at any age!

Age is just a number! You don’t just have to ACCEPT physical decline!!!

Don’t just surrender! Fight back! Lift and be active! Enjoy life!

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