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5 Simple SMALL Diet Changes That You’ll ENJOY

Often people think they have to make drastic changes all at once to get results.


Especially when it comes to diet.

I’ve had a lot of people say to me recently that they don’t like being hungry – and losing weight requires you to be hungry like all the time.

I care to disagree.

Drastic calorie cuts will cause you to feel hungry. But losing weight and getting healthy isn’t just about calories in vs. calories out.

Honestly, you can feel hungry eating 1,000 too many calories if you aren’t eating the RIGHT types of calories.

And truly you shouldn’t feel miserable while eating well. Eating well CAN and SHOULD be enjoyable.

Here are 5 changes you need to make that don’t involve cutting calories:

1. Cut out processed crap, but don’t cut out the meals you love. Slowly rid your kitchen of processed and pre-made foods. That doesn’t mean you can’t still occasionally indulge in mac and cheese…It just means you will be better off having homemade mac and cheese then something pre-made with a ton of preservatives. Make adjustments to those recipes you enjoy! Love mexican pizza? Try it on a cauliflower crust. Create huge results by just home making those meals you love!

2. Focus on meats and veggies, but they can TASTE GOOD. Eating healthy doesn’t mean cutting out flavor. While you want to focus your diet on meat and veggies that doesn’t have to mean plain chicken breast and steamed broccoli. Use some full fat cheese. Make sauces and dressing. There are tons of healthy ways to make your meals flavorful. I love adding guacamole and salsa to salads as dressings. I use tamari and sesame oil to make stir fries. I pack meals with flavor without adding any crap! Just avoid any pre-made seasonings and sauces that add in preservatives, vegetable oil or other crap.

3. Satisfy cravings. Cravings come in lots of different forms. And if you don’t satisfy them, you are going to end up giving up on your diet and binging because you feel to restricted. Satisfying your cravings also doesn’t have to mean eating badly. Craving something sweet? Eat a piece of fruit or some dark chocolate. Here is one of my favorite sweet, salty and fatty healthy treats – Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Macadamia Nut Bark. Craving something savory? What about some veggies in a homemade dip? Or some salted nuts (heck even coat them in some other seasonings). Or some kale chips. There are tons of ways to satisfy your cravings without eating badly. And sometimes maybe you do have a specific burrito craving and need the real thing. Then get it and get right back on track. Not feeling restricted is key to sticking with your diet in the long run! It isn’t being perfect one day, it is about the big picture.


4. Plan and choose recipes that you enjoy. Often I think we just slap together healthy things without worrying about how they taste. And, at first, that works because we are motivated. But after a while, we stop wanting to eat the boring, bland meals. We start to miss comfort foods. That is why it is important to make meals that you enjoy! Choose recipes that mimic or remind you of those foods you love. No they won’t be exactly the same, but they will taste good and keep you going even when your initial motivation wears off. Plus, it can be fun to find new creative ways to use healthy ingredients. I love the challenge of trying to use the same few ingredients in different ways!

binge cycle

5. Eat the things you love in moderation. Don’t be afraid to cheat. Often when we do cheat we make ourselves feel so guilty about it that we don’t even enjoy it (and sometimes we even make ourselves feel so bad that we start binging instead of getting back on track).  Take time to enjoy those foods you love. Just exercise moderation and/or make healthier swaps whenever possible. But don’t completely restrict yourself!

Notice one thing with all five tips…All of these changes focus on continuing to enjoy your food. Dieting shouldn’t make you feel like you are suffering or missing out. You should be able to enjoy eating well!

For more tips to help you eat well, check out these Healthy Eating Guidelines.

Dieting – Losing weight or being healthy?

So recently there have been a ton of articles about how what you eat isn’t as important as how much you eat. One article specifically states that adherence to any diet is what gets results not the diet itself.

I’m sorry but this is false. Diets aren’t created equal even if you can lose weight on them.

Yes losing weight is about calories in vs. calories out. BUT only if you don’t care if you are skinny fat with a very unhealthy inside.

I mean, I’ve been there and done that. I’ve done other diets (low-fat, higher carb diets specifically) and I’ve “lost weight.” I’ve suffered through the torture of giving up foods that I love.

And I never got real results. I never looked super lean and muscled. Before now, Id always gotten skinny-fat and I wasn’t very healthy.

But who wants to be skinny fat? Who wants to suffer doing a diet that doesn’t make them healthier?

NOT ME! I want great body composition and if I’m sacrificing at all to be on a “healthy” diet, I want the diet to make me healthier! So yea….I’m concerned with more than just simply calories in vs. calories out.

So the bottom line isn’t “All diets work if you stick to them.”

And I mean come on…it isn’t just simply easy to stick to ANY diet!

Studying Studies

I mentioned last week that one of the ways you can pick the best diet for you is by doing some research and looking at studies. I also mentioned that not only should you read the studies, but you also need to analyze them.

Does the study really PROVE what it claims to?

And trust me, you need to ask this question a lot.

I asked that question today when I found an article on Fox News called “Calories count but source doesn’t matter study says.”

UHM? Hello…the source is what matters most! And the crazy thing, is I just wrote a post about the fact that losing weight is about more than calories in vs. calories out!

So of course, I had to read this article because as you know I love a good rant.

But after reading the article, I realized the title was misleading…and now I was confused. Here I was ready to refute all of the article’s evidence saying that it is simply calories in vs. calories out, but that really wasn’t at all what the article was about…

The article was actually more about finding the a diet that you could stick to! I mean yes the article does hint that calories are all that matter, which I don’t agree with, but it makes a great point about the fact that if you don’t choose a diet you can stick to, no matter how well it is SUPPOSED to work, it won’t work for you.

“If you’re happier doing it low-fat, or happier doing it low carb, this paper says it’s OK to do it either way. They were equally successful,” said Christopher Gardner, a Stanford University professor uninvolved in the study.

In the end, he said, people should choose the diet that’s easiest for them to stick with.

See! You have to experiment and find something that works for you! Isn’t that another point that I make in my post about how to find your personal “dieting secret?” Why yes….I think it is!

One of the researchers also had a quote in the article that really made me smirk with satisfaction.

“They did have difficulties with adherence, so that really tempers what you can conclude,” he added.

Soooo…a study is being used by the media to draw a conclusion and convince our society of something while a researcher involved in the study sort of downplays the significance and even questions the conclusiveness of the study because the guidelines of the study weren’t actually strictly followed. Interesting….
Hmm…maybe this is why the low-fat diet has remained so popular despite the fact that studies for a long time now have shown it isn’t healthy. Maybe our population isn’t misinformed so much because there are bad studies out there (which yes there are), but because the mainstream media picks only certain studies to promote regardless of whether or not the studies actually prove something conclusively…

Calories In vs. Calories Out

Weight loss isn’t simply calories in vs. calories out.

If you want to lose weight not only on the scale but also improve your body composition, the type of calories you consume not only matter but matter MORE than how many calories you eat.

I never count calories anymore. NEVER.

I used to count calories when I ate junk – I needed to. I needed to count calories so that I didn’t eat more than like 1,200 a day and gain weight on the scale. I needed to count calories because I wasn’t eating the right foods.

AND on top of the torture of counting every calorie each and every day, my body composition wasn’t very good. I was doing all this work to just be skinny fat. YUCK!-

Not anymore!!!

I don’t need to count calories anymore because I know that the foods I’m putting into my body are healthy foods that my body needs. I honestly eat closer to 2,000 calories a day now and have a better body composition than I did when I was counting calories.

I’m sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but it just isn’t as simple as calories in vs. calories.

When you are eating the right foods, it is sooo much easier to achieve great body composition. You also feel soooo much better eating the right foods and eating A LOT of them!

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