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Personal Training – Accountability, Results, But Most Importantly LEARNING

I actually got asked the other day by a client, “Aren’t you scared your clients are going to leave you because they’ve learned how to train themselves?”

I gave the client a look and said, “Well are you going to?”

His answer was, “No.”

But my client did raise a great question, “What are you supposed to get out of personal training?”

A great workout program?


Accountability and support?




But most importantly, you should LEARN.

You shouldn’t become more dependent training with a personal trainer – you should become more INDEPENDENT.

We are here to help. To motivate. To guide. TO TEACH.


I don’t want my clients coming back to me because they don’t know anything, because they are scared to workout on their own.

I want to empower my clients. I want them to be able to help me teach and guide the next wave of people coming into the gym.

Your personal trainer should be a teacher. They should empower you both inside and outside of the gym.

They should help you realize your own strength.

They aren’t making you successful – THEY ARE HELPING YOU MAKE YOURSELF SUCCESSFUL.

So why am I telling you this?

Because I want to encourage you to feel empowered and to ask WHY – to question and to LEARN.

Don’t feel like you have to just accept everything we say.

Ask questions!

Learning and understand why our program is the way it is can help you stay dedicated even when your results slow for a bit or life gets difficult.

Learning will make you more independent. It will make you stronger and more confident.

And if your coach doesn’t empower you to learn…If your coach doesn’t like when you question them….

Maybe they aren’t the right coach for you.

And for all you coaches out there, remember you aren’t just churning out workouts – You are empowering people.

You are TEACHING people and helping them GROW!

P.S. There are a few of you right now that I’m so proud to work with. You have learned and grown so much and inspired me in return. I’ve been so honored to be a part of your journey! XOXO

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One size doesn’t fit all

I was telling everyone at work about my “AH HA!” moment in the shower the other day.

I was thinking about our gym, Crossfit and personal training when I thought….

“Would you go to a doctor that prescribes the same thing to cure all of his patients? NO! So why would you go to a gym that does?!?”

I like Crossfit for a number of reasons, BUT some of the people doing it really shouldn’t be doing it.

Sorry but that is the cold hard truth.

Crossfit is one prescription for a whole bunch of problems and frankly that just doesn’t work.

I usually don’t say anything negative about Crossfit because I do like the movement and a lot of what it stands for.

But it shouldn’t ever have become mainstream.

I’m sorry. Lifting “heavy” is for everyone, but as I’ve said before “heavy” is so very relative.

While I love the variety of Crossfit, a lot of the people doing the workouts SHOULD NOT be doing the moves they are doing. Can they be learning snatches?

YES. But they should be learning proper form and progressing in a fashion that allows their bodies to adapt to the loads.

Unfortunately this doesn’t happen at many Crossfit gyms (which gives the ones that do do this a bad name).

Crossfit is also all about pushing the body past the point of failure.

Which I love.

But the average person doesn’t have the same understanding of their body that athletes and advanced/experienced lifters do.

I know when my form breaks down. I know how far I can push my body past that point of absolute fatigue without risking injury.

Many of the people doing the heavy Crossfit lifts don’t.

I mean, “Do you?” Can you tell when your form breaks down? Do you know which muscles are compensating and how much they can handle? Do you know that your body is prepared to handle the loads placed on it?

If you can’t answer yes to those questions, you shouldn’t be using a heavy weight till failure. You shouldn’t be doing many of the Crossfit workouts.


I guess what it comes down to for me is that Crossfit is a sport – A sport MEANT for elite athletes.

I know many of you will disagree with me, but before you start ranting and potentially leaving comments just take a second to think about what I’m saying.

One size doesn’t fit all.

Is Crossfit really getting you toward your goals?

Or is this another one of those things that people do because it is popular right now, but eventually get injured/tired/bored or don’t reach their goals so they give up?

Is Crossfit really the right program for you?

It may be super cool and “bad-ass” right now, but in the long run, is it the right prescription for YOU?

Man Bicep training vs. the training I’m sometimes forced to do…

So when I workout, I do what I think of as Man Bicep training. It combines some Crossfit workouts with some power lifting and some high intensity interval training. I do circuits; I do tabata workouts; I do some slow lifts. But each and every workout, I push something to almost absolute failure. GO BIG OR GO HOME. I’m slightly sadistic…I know…

But I realize that not everyone wants to push themselves to quite that extreme. And I understand that. We each have different tolerance for different things. But sometimes I’m just so disappointed by how little people want to push themselves.

The mind gives up way before the body needs to. But most people can’t push their mind past the initial fatigue of their body. Which can sometimes make being a trainer difficult.

It’s been interesting trying to figure out just how hard to push some clients. Clients all tell you they want someone to push them – they want someone to design a program for them. They all say they want work hard. BUT what they are really saying is “I only want to be put through a workout I wouldn’t usually think of, but I don’t really want to be too sore. BUT I also want to see fast results.” They also usually want just really want someone to be there for them when they work out. They want a “friend” to motivate them to workout.

And while trainers are there to create new and interesting workouts and motivate and create results, they are also there to push you beyond where you think is acceptable. You won’t ever see results or improve your fitness if they don’t (unless you are a natural Man Biceper!). Don’t tell a trainer a weight is too much. They are watching your form and will know if it is too heavy. Don’t tell a trainer an exercise is too hard just because there is a slight burn in your legs. Don’t tell your trainer what your workout should be. YOU HIRED THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE THE EXPERT!!! LISTEN TO THEM!

And trainers, stop giving in to your clients. Yes, you must be flexible and deal with each client in a way that matches their personality, fitness level and work ethic but you don’t have to be play dough. You must remember that you are there to improve their health. That you are there to get results and that you must push them beyond where they think their limit is. Sometimes you have to push super gently, but still YOU HAVE TO PUSH! Show you are the expert! Show that your job is about improving someone’s fitness and not just taking their money and giving them the workout they THINK they want!!!!

And by the way…all you women who are reading this and thinking you would never lift heavy weights…let me refute all of your excuses…READ THIS!

Let’s create a Man Bicep generation!!!

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