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Tabata ’cause I’m tired!?!

So yesterday Candy, Brian and I did some power lifts. We did deadlifts, power cleans, snatches and dumbbell split jerks. It was actually very successful except I was sad I didn’t manage to deadlift 270.

Today – my body is destroyed. My legs are tired. My back is tired and knotted. My shoulders are sore and bruised (bruised because I can’t keep the weights from bouncing on my shoulders when I do dumbbell split jerks). EVERYTHING IS WORN OUT haha.

Since I felt tired but still wanted to work out, I decided I wouldn’t do any heavy lifting today. Since my chest is still tired from Monday and my shoulders are tired from Monday and Tuesday, I figured I would do legs and abs and some cardio. I also kind of wanted to do a circuit so I figured what the heck….Candy and I will do a tabata workout!

Uhm yea…a tabata workout isn’t the best idea when you are tired. Tabata workouts mean that you do different exercises and you do 8 sets of 20 seconds work with 10 seconds break.

Ok so this is just one of the exercises we did…I definitely didn’t jump that high though haha

We decided to do Tabata for each of the exercises below (So 8 sets of each exercise…we completed all 8 rounds before moving on to the next exercise):

Bodyweight squats
Teapots with 25lbs (Standing up you lean to the side working your oblique.)
Burpees (BLEEEEEH)
Floor wipers (Lay on your back. hold a weighted bar above your chest like at the top of a bench press. Keep the bar still as you raise and lower straight legs. Alternate bringing your legs to the right and left sides. Don’t touch your legs to the floor during the 20 seconds.)
Split squat jumps (These may have been worse than burpees today!)
Upper crunch with 25lbs
Squat jumps
Mountain climbers

40 minutes…

I don’t know which was worse…The tabata or the power lifts…I guess at least I won’t have bruises from the workout today! And if I have to do cardio…well tabata workouts are my kind of cardio!


Today I woke up and I really didn’t want to go teach spin. I’m just exhausted. SEE! Even I don’t want to workout everyday! So don’t try to use the excuse that you don’t like working out because sometimes I don’t either BUT I still do it! This last week of working out was intense:

2k rowing
Chest, back and arms lift

30 minute tabata plyometric and weights circuit
20 minutes incline walking

Kettlebell circuit
Burpee-push up pyramid (1-5-1, 2-10-2)
Elliptical 15 minutes

Morning Spin/Core class
Lunch Spin class
Leg lift

Deadly push up/pull up pyramid (1-10-1, 2-20-2) – Perform 1 pull up with 2 push ups going up to 10 and 20 and then back down
500m row


Spin/Core class

Ok so Wednesday was kind of a goof off day but Thursday and Friday really did me in. And I just am exhausted! There seriously is nothing harder than rowing or doing push ups and pull ups as fast as you can. And two hours of spin on Thursday plus lifting…maybe not the smartest idea. I thought my body was used to teaching two hours of spin but my butt was seriously sore on Friday (and it wasn’t from the saddle either!)!

Try the push up/pull up pyramid and see how long it takes you to finish. I manage to do all the pull ups and push ups (from my toes!) without assistance but it takes me about 25-20 minutes. I’m hoping to get to a point where I don’t have to rest during any of the sets of pull ups!

Man Bicep training vs. the training I’m sometimes forced to do…

So when I workout, I do what I think of as Man Bicep training. It combines some Crossfit workouts with some power lifting and some high intensity interval training. I do circuits; I do tabata workouts; I do some slow lifts. But each and every workout, I push something to almost absolute failure. GO BIG OR GO HOME. I’m slightly sadistic…I know…

But I realize that not everyone wants to push themselves to quite that extreme. And I understand that. We each have different tolerance for different things. But sometimes I’m just so disappointed by how little people want to push themselves.

The mind gives up way before the body needs to. But most people can’t push their mind past the initial fatigue of their body. Which can sometimes make being a trainer difficult.

It’s been interesting trying to figure out just how hard to push some clients. Clients all tell you they want someone to push them – they want someone to design a program for them. They all say they want work hard. BUT what they are really saying is “I only want to be put through a workout I wouldn’t usually think of, but I don’t really want to be too sore. BUT I also want to see fast results.” They also usually want just really want someone to be there for them when they work out. They want a “friend” to motivate them to workout.

And while trainers are there to create new and interesting workouts and motivate and create results, they are also there to push you beyond where you think is acceptable. You won’t ever see results or improve your fitness if they don’t (unless you are a natural Man Biceper!). Don’t tell a trainer a weight is too much. They are watching your form and will know if it is too heavy. Don’t tell a trainer an exercise is too hard just because there is a slight burn in your legs. Don’t tell your trainer what your workout should be. YOU HIRED THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE THE EXPERT!!! LISTEN TO THEM!

And trainers, stop giving in to your clients. Yes, you must be flexible and deal with each client in a way that matches their personality, fitness level and work ethic but you don’t have to be play dough. You must remember that you are there to improve their health. That you are there to get results and that you must push them beyond where they think their limit is. Sometimes you have to push super gently, but still YOU HAVE TO PUSH! Show you are the expert! Show that your job is about improving someone’s fitness and not just taking their money and giving them the workout they THINK they want!!!!

And by the way…all you women who are reading this and thinking you would never lift heavy weights…let me refute all of your excuses…READ THIS!

Let’s create a Man Bicep generation!!!

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