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Where were the biceps at the Oscars?

So yesterday Candy and I decided to look at pictures from the red carpet at the Oscars. We weren’t looking at the women’s dresses though – we were looking at their biceps.

We were searching for 10 women with great arms so today I could post “The Top 10 Biceps at the Oscars.”

But we couldn’t find 10 women on the red carpet with Man Bicep worthy arms.

We found only two. Viola Davis and Cameron Diaz were the only two females out there repping Man Biceps.

Nice arms and a nice back, Viola Davis!

Nice sculpted arms!

I must admit….we were severely disappointed.

What the heck ladies!?! I mean did I miss some memo about anorexic, skinny arms being the new red carpet trend?

Are these really the arms you would prefer?

Eat some meat. Lift some weights. Then maybe you’ll be the best dressed on the red carpet.

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