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A slight change in programming

I’m constantly looking to learn, grow and improve upon what I’m currently doing. And I encourage everyone else to do the same.

So for the moment my heavy barbell lifting will be put on hold as I learn how to master all of the other equipment at the new gym I work at.

Does this mean that I will no longer be lifting heavy weights?


The only thing that will change is what types of heavy weights I will be lifting.

But my training is always constantly changing.

Honestly, if you are still doing the same training that you were doing 6 months ago, you should be embarrassed.

Things change. Workout programs get stagnant and stale.

AND if you want to be truly fit….if you want to be that Renaissance fitness person, you constantly have to be learning, trying and perfecting new skills!

So over the next few months, you not be hearing much about the traditional deadlift (although I do love you barbell deadlift and will miss you greatly!).

Instead you will be hearing more about Olympic lifting, kettlebells, tire flipping, plyometrics, sled pushes, battling ropes, kickboxing (not the classes without gloves), and Brazilian Jui Jitsu. You will still continue to hear about all of the wonderful bodyweight exercises I love, 1 leg squats, push ups and pull ups, in all sorts of variations.

Are you excited?!?!


So get ready for the next phase in Man Bicep Training! Time to learn and grow and become stronger, fitter and happier!

Side note: There is no revision currently to my dieting beliefs. Simply put they are still “Eat whole natural foods and avoid processed crap and refined or empty carbs.” However, I will be discussing different foods and how I feel about them over the next couple of weeks since there have been some common questions arising.

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