Show Me Yours – Anywhere, Anytime

So I got some great emails AND pictures this week.

One was from Lisa:

Hey Cori, so fun story…. I won my cornhole championship tonight and everyone was commenting on my biceps as I one-handedly drank the trophy of beer! (The trophy is heavy.) It spurred the thought to push-up drink from the trophy in the middle of the bar… The waitresses hated me…everyone else was amused. Someone asked about the story behind the ruckus… I said ” It’s for Man Bicep, a movement about breaking the taboos about women lifting weights, which I love to do.” Then I said… “Drinking beer is so much better in  full decline push up position….just because I can.”. 🙂

Lisa doing a very nice decline push up!

Two more great bicep pictures were submitted by Ada and Toni this past week.

The Toni Bicep! Love it! Keep up the weight training!

The Ada Bicep! A great way to build the bicep...PULL UPS!

Also, a BIG Happy Belated Birthday to Man Biceper Kristen who just recently started lifting weights.

Kristen stated recently, “I have really been enjoying what I’ve been doing thus far and feel great!  Tomorrow is my birthday and I feel better than I have in quite a few birthdays!”

Motivated now to workout? Try this workout of the week!!!

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  1. OMG I love this!!!!! Nothing is sexier than a woman who knows her way around the weight room! 😉

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