More Seepage
The video above was a very interesting segment on 60 minutes last night called “Is Sugar Toxic?”

In it Dr. Robert Lustig states that he believes sugar is toxic.

I agree!

The question now is….Is this the end of the low-fat diet?

I don’t think so. Even though in it a doctor states that low-fat items are bad because they just sub out fat for sugar, I still think people are too afraid of fat.

One story like this on one network doesn’t have the influence that a red meat scare played over numerous networks does.

However, I have enjoyed showing people this story…especially people who show me every new study that comes out against red meat or saturated fat or low carb!

Anyway, check out the video AND enjoy the biceps below! Then go do the workout of the week!

The awesome Linnea bicep!

An awesome bicep shot from Shannon!

And finally a Man Bicep from newbie powerlifter Ilana! LOVE IT!

AND one of my clients, which she took while on vaca!!!!

Thank you Rebeca!

Now go workout!

Weekly Workout #7


Bench 5×5

Auxiliary lift circuit: 3 sets completed as quickly as possible with little to no rest

30 reps OH Press
30 reps Box Jumps
30 reps Push Ups
30 reps Knees to Elbows

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