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The good, the bad and the simply stupid

The Good

  • I love the Olympics. I love the Olympic trials. They make me want to go and workout and be really really good at something!
  • Ross the boss has been providing me with all sort of great inspirational photos recently. (Ross the boss is also known as Monkey Knuckles haha). She more than anyone should be proud of where she is today! Right before we went paddleboarding her father told her, “Remember you aren’t a jock like those other people.” Uhm sorry Ross the boss’ pops…BUT SHE IS! She’s a heavy lifting, paddleboarding, sprinting, rowing, rock climbing!?! JOCK! AND best of all…She’s lovin’ it!

  • I LIKE IT! Active at 85!
  • Great deadlift workout with some of my favorite lifting ladies! Both ladies set new lifting PRs! AMAZING!

Oh yea sweat and biceps! Beautiful! 🙂

  • Also, I think I’ve mentioned this at least once before…I LOVE SUMMER! Fresh, local, delicious fruit!

The Bad

  • I think is potentially my diet nightmare – “The Starch Solution.” I love how low-carb diets are called “fad diets” while this diet by Dr. McDougall’s isn’t considered a fad diet because it has helped thousands of people. Well, low carb diets have helped thousands of people too. And if you do the research, low-carb diets have been around for a lot longer AND helping people for a lot longer. So how are we defining fad diet here? Also this kind of sounds like a “fad diet” claim : “The Starch Solution is a groundbreaking program that will help you shed pounds, improve your health, save money, and change your life.” I am curious though what research studies this book is based on….I looked at the site but I didn’t find many studies. I found news articles, which seemed more promotional than informative. I also did find an article called “Posthumous Interview with Tim Russert.” Uhmmm….this is not PROOF that your diet is right!!!

The Simply Stupid

This isn’t really a good, bad or simply stupid thing. It is just an interesting article and the doctor cited in it was a member of the gym I work(ed) at. I especially like it because it isn’t against fat and it bashes the low-fat diet. Of course it isn’t flattering about low-carb diets either but I don’t think a Primal diet full of fruits, veggies and some non-gluten carbs would fall under what they define as a low-carb diet. Actually I wonder what their definition of “low-fat” and “low-carb” truly is…

Another random thought, do you ever see an infomercial for something and think, “That is super cool” and then right after think, “That can’t be healthy?” I saw a commercial for Slushy Magic and thought about just how amazing a slushy drink would taste during the warm summer months (or year around in sunny California!). I then thought, “But how can something that turns any liquid into slush in one minute be good for you?” I seriously wonder what is in those cubes that can turn any drink (or even yogurt) into slush in under a minute.

More Seepage
The video above was a very interesting segment on 60 minutes last night called “Is Sugar Toxic?”

In it Dr. Robert Lustig states that he believes sugar is toxic.

I agree!

The question now is….Is this the end of the low-fat diet?

I don’t think so. Even though in it a doctor states that low-fat items are bad because they just sub out fat for sugar, I still think people are too afraid of fat.

One story like this on one network doesn’t have the influence that a red meat scare played over numerous networks does.

However, I have enjoyed showing people this story…especially people who show me every new study that comes out against red meat or saturated fat or low carb!

Anyway, check out the video AND enjoy the biceps below! Then go do the workout of the week!

The awesome Linnea bicep!

An awesome bicep shot from Shannon!

And finally a Man Bicep from newbie powerlifter Ilana! LOVE IT!

AND one of my clients, which she took while on vaca!!!!

Thank you Rebeca!

Now go workout!

Weekly Workout #7


Bench 5×5

Auxiliary lift circuit: 3 sets completed as quickly as possible with little to no rest

30 reps OH Press
30 reps Box Jumps
30 reps Push Ups
30 reps Knees to Elbows

Growing the Guns

So as I mentioned in my post yesterday, Saturday is my self-control recharge day. I usually go into the gym for a nice deadlift workout before I begin my day of binging, but I just wasn’t up to it today.

Actually, I realized I need a full de-loading week. I usually try to wait till a vacation to take a week off, but with no vacations planned for the near future, I’m just going to be taking next week off from weights. It is always hard taking time off when you are still in the gym 24/7, but hey it’s necessary. (Tomorrow I will post a nice little video about foam rolling!)

Anyway, today for one of my cheat treats, I made chocolate coconut whipped cream for our coffee. Can you say DELICIOUS!?!

Chocolate Coconut Whipped Cream

Chocolate coconut whipped cream in a mug Ryan made for me with some delicious breakfast potatoes and grapefruit!

1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 cup organic grass-fed heavy whipping cream
1/4 cup Trader Joe’s coconut milk

Whip cream and coconut milk together until the mixture starts to thicken. Add in cocoa powder and continue blending until the thick consistency of whipped cream (takes about 5-8 minutes depending on what level the mixer is on).

If you need a bit of sweetness, add in a tsp of powdered sugar. I don’t find it necessary but it won’t kill you either!

Our breakfast was also delicious. Occasionally, I add in potatoes on Saturday and today’s breakfast potatoes were delicious.

The Meat Lover’s Breakfast Potatoes

The Meat Lover's breakfast potatoes and half a grapefruit. YUM!

1 potato
1/2 lbs The Meat House Lamb Merguez
1/2 onion
1 tsp cumin
2 slices of nitrite free bacon
1 oz Chorizo (Nitrite-free from the Meat House!! Our latest discovery!)
1 tbsp Duck fat (courtesy of The Meat House)
Chili powder, salt and pepper to taste
3 cage-free, omega-3 eggs

Brown the bacon and onion with cumin in a skillet. Add duck fat and potatoes. Once the potatoes start to brown, add merguez and chorizo.

Once mixture is cooked, divide onto plates. Cook eggs in grass-fed butter and place over breakfast potatoes. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and chili powder.

Since I’ve provided you with recipes to help grow the guns, I think it is now appropriate to show you some true Man Biceps!

Heather's awesome bicep! A dedicated runner who can appreciate the benefits of weight training!

A pre-birthday bicep picture from Kristen who recently started weight training!

And last but not least…an early St. Patty’s day bicep from Alyson…

Her bicep says "Lucky." 🙂 LOVE IT!

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