Work On Your Push Ups By Doing More Push Ups

Sometimes push ups are their own best supplemental exercise.

Want to strengthen your basic standard push up?

Then you need to strengthen your weak points AND you need to do more push ups.

Why not strengthen your weak points and do more push ups simply by using a couple different push up variations instead of a ton of different supplemental exercises?

So how do you use push ups to make your push ups better?

perfect push up

Pick variations that target your weaker areas!

Shoulders weak? Try a staggered stance push up or a T-push up.

push up to side plank

Triceps weak? Try a close grip push up or maybe even a push up to dip.

push up and dips

Chest weak? Try a wide grip push up or even a fly to push up on sliders or a towel.

Towel push up

Sometimes it is simply doing variations of the standard push up but with holds or emphasis on different parts….Like eccentric only push ups where you just focus on lowering yourself down toward the ground as slowly as possible.

Or like push ups with 5 second holds at the top, middle or bottom.

high plankmiddle of push uppush up hold

Or even standard push ups where you drop all the way to the ground, lift you hands and then press back up. (Push ups like this work more on your core and form.)

The point is that you need to do more push ups to get better at push ups, but you also need to strengthen your weak points.

Variations can do that.

And they can also help you work on push up form – on getting everything to work together and move together, which is super important if you want to be able to do more push ups!

So if you want to get better at push ups, check out some of these variations!

And here are two great workouts to help you improve your push ups:

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  1. Hi Cori. How often should I be doing push ups to improve my form and upper body strength?

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