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A Big Push Up Fairwell for Vesi!

Vesi you were one of the first Man Bicepers and we will miss you! You must come back and visit often!

Keep lifting and show your girls what being a strong, fit woman really is all about!

A very nice weighted push up! 😉


Push ups here, push ups there…push ups when you’re almost bare!

Lisa is the ONLY girl doing a push up outside in 31 degree weather in a bathing suit.

Thank you Lisa! We expect a new one from the Santa Speedo Run this year!

Thank you also for this picture from after your run! Nice handstand push up!

She may have bonked her head doing a full push up...but this is AMAZING!

One-upping the Planking Craze

So we made good on our vow to do push ups around Boston and start the Man Bicep push up trend! Here are some pictures we took while celebrating Candy’s birthday!

The first one of the day was done by Candy on the MBTA.

Rocking the MB shirt AND receiving compliments about her perfect push up from men on the T.

Next we stopped at a candy shop called Sugar Heaven on Boylston St. Brian wanted to show Candy a shirt he had considered buying for her as a joke.

A nice deep push up right by the M&Ms. Not something they often see in a candy store.

The next one we snapped was not in the most hygienic place….

Don't worry...there was lots of hand scrubbing afterwards.

We then took a nice walk to a bar called Whiskeys. Where I did a nice push up between booths.

A nice wide grip push up. A slight incline so easier than some that we did later.

Candy figured out a way to make the booth push up harder by putting her feet on the back of the booth.

Notice the very impressed guy in the background.

We then had to get our Man Bicep Coach involved. He did a very impressive weighted push up outside of the restaurant.

We got numerous strange looks...

Next we met up with a co-worker who we convinced to do a push up on the street. A homeless woman was so impressed that she walked up and gave Alyson a hug before anyone knew what was going on.

She didn't even falter when Brian through a purse on her.

Our next stop was Rattlesnakes’ roof deck. Candy pulled off a staircase push up.

I think the hardest part of this push up was getting up there.

After leaving the roof deck, we attempted a stacked push up out on the street. We all ended up collapsing so I’m not totally sure this one counts…

Push up pile up.

After that failed push up attempt, I did a decline push up from a bike rack. Brian decided it wasn’t hard enough and push down on my back for added resistance.

Mid push up...on the way back up.

And the last push up of the night….on a pizza shop counter. (We did get permission before we attempted this one. The employees were impressed as you can see!) 🙂

We had a lot of explaining to do to be allowed to do this one!

So now everyone must go out and do push ups in random places!!! We must start the Man Bicep Push up trend! No more stupid planking! haha

Send us a picture of your push up and we will send you a Man Bicep t-shirt!!! 😉

Planking – Not the exercise

So yesterday night, Candy Ryan and I watched the new Office episode. It talked about the new trend of planking in random places. Of course I was upset to realize that by planking they didn’t mean this:

But this:

This second version could, I guess, really work your core depending on how and where you decided to plank, but still…I was sad to find out people weren’t exercising in random places.

I’ve decided Man Bicep should start a new trend…push ups in random places!!! haha Maybe we will try to start this one today…. 🙂

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